Top Seven Office 365 Security Use Cases for a CASB

Top Seven Office 365 Security Use Cases for a CASB

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As the use of Office 365 increases, there are new questions about the security and compliance of your data. Microsoft has security for the Office 365 platform, but your company is still responsible for user actions that could expose data or create compliance violations.

In this report, McAfee looks at seven Office 365 use cases for a cloud access security broker (CASB) and offers you a solution for each scenario.

Additionally, you will learn about:

  • Recommended CASB capabilities
  • Available CASB deployment architectures
  • How the customer maturity model guides CASB deployment to maximize ROI

CASB use cases for Office 365

Today’s business tools have made it easier for users to share and move data to and from the cloud. This report describes the seven most common Office 365 security and compliance use cases for a CASB and how McAfee customers address them.

See how McAfee addresses each use case for Office 365
CASB use cases for Office 365

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