Endpoint Protection and Response: A SANS Survey

Endpoint Protection and Response: A SANS Survey

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The latest SANS Survey on Endpoint Protection and Response offers best practices to automate endpoint detection and response (EDR) and shorten the time to detect, respond to, and contain malware.

Insights in this report include:

  • Key steps to protect endpoints in the cloud
  • How automation plays a role in securing all endpoints, including industrial IoT, mobile, and cloud
  • Top barriers and enablers for implementing endpoint security technologies

Key steps to protecting endpoints in the cloud

This report gives you a snapshot of the overall endpoint ecosystem and provides recommendations on how to protect your endpoints in the cloud. These tips include:
  • Discovering cloud services and data stored in the cloud
  • Inventorying cloud-based endpoints
  • Monitoring traffic and security logs
  • Protecting endpoints with EDR solutions, encryption, and authorization controls
Download the SANS report for a more in-depth look into these topics
Key Findings

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