Why Customers Choose McAfee Enterprise over Netskope

See how McAfee Enterprise's device-to-cloud security approach addresses the limitations of Netskope to enable full scope of data and threat protection for your workforce.​

Multi-Vector Data Protection​

  • Netskope

  • Has never been included in Forrester Wave for Unstructured Data Security Platforms​
  • Zero visibility into sensitive data on managed endpoints or on-premises resources
  • Zero prevention of data loss across devices and local apps
  • Reliant on external third parties for full DLP coverage
  • McAfee Enterprise

  • Ranked as a leader in 2021 Forrester Wave for Unstructured Data Security Platforms
  • Fully-featured data security portfolio discovers data on managed endpoints, in-network shares, on-premise databases, etc.
  • Complete data security prevents loss via printing, removeable media, screen capture, copy-paste, and more
  • Unified incident management from device to cloud

Industry-Best CASB Solution

  • Netskope

  • Ranked a distant 2nd with score of 82 in Gartner CASB Solutions Comparison Scorecard 2021
  • Weak support for sanctioned cloud applications via API integration
  • Understates the criticality of API support rendering them blind to data at rest and unmanaged device behavior in apps without API support
  • McAfee Enterprise

  • Ranked No. 1 with score of 94 in Gartner CASB Solutions Comparison Scorecard 2021
  • Supports the most apps in API mode
  • Greater API coverage provides visibility and control where 90% of an organization’s cloud data resides and derives insights into unmanaged device behavior

Industry-Best Threat Protection​​

  • Netskope

  • RBI comes at an additional cost
  • Out-of-band sandboxing does not protect patient zero and is licensed at an additional cost
  • Lack of solution maturity results in weaker threat intelligence telemetry​
  • McAfee Enterprise

  • Free, fully-integrated RBI embodying unmatched Zero Trust approach
  • Free, inline emulation-based sandboxing detects zero-day threats in real-time protecting patient zero
  • Over 1 billion threat sensors feed Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) with enriched telemetry

Extensive IaaS Capabilities​​​

  • Netskope

  • Limited IaaS coverage​
  • No DLP or threat protection for GCP
  • McAfee Enterprise

  • Includes Shift Left scanning, In-VPC scanning, workload protection, vulnerability scanning, and supports containers
  • DLP and threat protection for all popular IaaS clouds, including AWS, Azure, and GCP

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