Why Customers Choose McAfee Enterprise over SentinelOne​

Forged in the crucible of real-world attacks and proven at scale in the largest SOCs, McAfee Enterprise delivers better prevention across all phases of the attack chain.​​

Integrated Pre-Emptive Threat Intelligence​

  • SentinelOne​

  • Lacks expertise, experience, and investment in Threat Intelligence​
  • Relies on third-party sources to provide key threat intelligence, surrendering important integrated context​
  • Fails to deliver actionable threat intelligence with a lack of prescriptive guidance for posture scores
  • McAfee Enterprise

  • Advanced Threat Research (ATR) Team collaborates with law enforcement to take down the world's most sophisticated threat groups​
  • Threat Intelligence is natively curated by ATR and delivered through Insights in MVISION XDR​
  • MVISION Insights brings the power of continuous and proactive threat intelligence (CTI) to your analysis​
  • Posture scores provide prescriptive recommendations, guiding prioritized pre-emptive attack surface reduction​

Prevention for the Real World​

  • SentinelOne

  • One of the least tested vendors in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms​
  • Sporadic participant in third-party tests for operational effectiveness, false positives, and user impact despite having 8 years to prove themselves​
  • Failed to achieve 100% protection in the latest MITRE Engenuity evaluation, even without penalties for false positives​
  • McAfee Enterprise

  • Consistent participant in adversarial and effectiveness testing by respected industry testbeds like MITRE, SE Labs, and AV-Test​
  • Recipient of a AAA rating in SE Labs evaluations for 13 straight quarters ​
  • Achieved 100% protection in the latest MITRE Engenuity evaluation and stopped all threats earlier in the attack chain than SentinelOne's partial protection​

SecOps built for Analysts by Experts

  • SentinelOne​

  • Few operational tests risk flooding Analysts with telemetry noise, exponentially increasing workloads due to false positives​
  • Hopes you forget that data protection is also a critical factor in preventing, correlating, and managing incidents​
  • McAfee Enterprise

  • Preventing threats early and often with the intent of reducing SecOps workloads has always been our priority, reflected consistently in our test results​
  • Presents correlated events with clear confidence and severity levels, ensuring you can act with integrated threat and data protection, detection, and response​

Operational Effectiveness at Scale​

  • SentinelOne​

  • You will not hear about SentinelOne's ability to deliver at scale. They are not comfortable automating flagship features of their platform, like rollback.​​
  • Recommends manual "one-click" execution of tasks by your SecOps team. When an attack is in play, one click is one too many.​
  • Singularity requires Volume Shadow Copy Services (VSS) to be enabled and functioning properly on systems targeted by ransomware​
  • McAfee Enterprise

  • You have heard of ePO. It is the gold standard in cybersecurity for over 20 years, delivering security management, automation, and orchestration. We become part of your workflow, employing actionability and extending it to the rest of your security architecture.
  • Utilizes Time-Based Security, automatically acting to intelligently prevent and remediate incidents, reducing the impact to your environment when an attack occurs.​
  • Seasoned security practitioners know that VSS backups are always targeted by ransomware to make recovery difficult. Our patented and automatic rollback does not rely on VSS or the health of ransomware targets.​

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