Taking cybersecurity outside our walls

Each year McAfee Online Safety “Captains” are deployed to hundreds of schools, youth-serving non-profit organizations and parent/guardian associations, with the sole purpose of providing our communities with online safety education in a way that is relatable, useful and easy to understand.

Here’s how it works

1. Empower

McAfee employees are trained on the McAfee Online Safety curriculum and lesson plans and coached on effectively delivering our dynamic content, captivating audiences of all ages.

2. Connect

McAfee Partners with schools, youth-serving organizations, and non-profits, and pairs McAfee employees with teaching opportunities.

3. Discover

McAfee Online Safety Captains travel to the designated school or organization and deliver an engaging workshop covering online safety in methods designed specifically for the age group of the audience.

4. Ignite

McAfee Online Safety Captains leave behind activity books, prizes, and smart cards that serve as reminders to approach the web with caution and integrity.

McAfee Online Safety Pillars

Our award-winning, online safety curriculum is continuously developed by seasoned cybersecurity experts who provide the latest protocols for staying safe against potential cyber threats. During our workshops, students learn the importance of cybersecurity, cyber safety, and cyber ethics while simultaneously exploring a world of career possibilities in cybersecurity and technology.


What do I do to keep my devices safe?

Cyber Safety

What do I do to keep myself safe?

Cyber Ethics

How do I treat others online?

Where in the world is OSP?

McAfee's Online Safety Program delivers empowering online safety tools, educating children, teens, and parents/guardians worldwide.

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Why partner with McAfee for Online Safety?

Award-winning internet security. Dependable performance. Over 500 million people trust us to protect them for a reason.

A Trusted Brand

McAfee protects 90 of the Fortune 100 companies, 82% of the world's largest banks, governments and national defense contractors, along with millions of people and families across the globe.

Personal Data Security Partner

We collaborate with computer manufacturers to build the best privacy, controls, and protection into your multiple devices.

Passionate People

McAfee team members are passionate about making the digital world a safer place for families, friends, and neighbors everywhere.

Cyber Protection Expertise

McAfee team members and Online Safety Captains are world-class cybersecurity professionals. McAfee employs a number of former top clearance officials form some of the world’s most secure agencies, including the FBI, CIA, MI5, MI6, and other global intelligence and security entities.



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