Database Security

Real-time database protection, management, and compliance without the downtime

Protection for business-critical databases

McAfee database security offers real-time protection for business-critical databases from all types of threats: external, internal, and even intra-database exploits. This software-based offering provides robust security, streamlined database security management, and continuous compliance without requiring architecture changes, costly hardware, or downtime. In other words, it’s an efficient, affordable way to protect databases while preserving database performance and helping to ensure continuous business operations.


Beyond the Patch: Reducing the Risk of Database and Application Vulnerabilities

This report from Aberdeen examines the security and business benefits of virtual patching.

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The Case for Virtual Patching

In comparison to traditional vendor patching, virtual patching can be a highly effective strategy for addressing both the likelihood and business impact of security-related risk.

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Database security products

Secure business-critical databases from external, internal, and intra-database threats in real time with products that require no architecture changes, costly hardware, or database downtime. With database security from McAfee, you gain complete visibility into your overall database landscape and corresponding security posture, improve database security management, fully align database security policy administration practices, and efficiently maintain regulatory compliance. All database security offerings are integrated with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator management console to provide centralized visibility, while reducing complexity.

McAfee Data Center Security Suite for Databases

Boost your database security across physical, virtual, and cloud environments with an easy-to-deploy, highly scalable database security suite. This suite includes McAfee Database Activity Monitoring, McAfee Virtual Patching for Databases, and McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases.

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McAfee Vulnerability Manager for Databases

Get complete visibility into your overall database security posture with a detailed risk assessment across more than 4,700 vulnerability checks. Classify database security threats into distinct priority levels and fix scripts to better prepare for audits and compliance with regulatory mandates.

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