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Real-time visibility into all activity on systems, networks, databases, and applications

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager is a security information and event management (SIEM) solution that delivers actionable intelligence and integrations to prioritize, investigate, and respond to threats.

Your SIEM foundation

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager provides continuous visibility into threats and risk, actionable analysis to guide triage and speed investigations, and orchestration of security remediation.

Advanced threat intelligence

Prioritized alerts surface potential threats before they occur while analyzing data for patterns that may indicate a larger threat.

Embedded compliance framework

Built-in security use case content packs simplify analyst and compliance operations.

Dozens of partner integrations

An extensible and distributed design integrates with more than three dozen partners, hundreds of standardized data sources, and industry threat intelligence.

How to shorten MTTR for advanced threats

Put yourself in the place of a security analyst and solve a fileless malware attack using AI, machine learning, and automated instruction.

Enabling fast, risk-based decisions

Context and content awareness

Leverage contextual information, such as vendor threat feeds and indicators of compromise (IOCs), for a better understanding of how security events can impact real business processes.

Critical facts in minutes, not hours

Highly tuned appliances collect, process, and correlate log events from multiple years with other data streams, including STIX-based threat intelligence feeds. Store billions of events and flows, and quickly access long-term event data storage to investigate attacks.

Optimized security operations

An analyst-centric user experience offers increased flexibility, customization, and faster response to investigations. Analysts with any level of experience, from beginner to expert, will find it easier to prioritize, investigate, and respond to evolving threats.

ESG Lab Validation: McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

ESG finds McAfee ESM delivers context-aware visibility, reducing time to protection.


McAfee Connect

Maximize the value of your McAfee Enterprise Security Manager with pre-built content packs to streamline security monitoring, threat management, and incident response.

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System requirements

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager (ESM) can be deployed with physical and virtual appliances. It can also be part of an all-in-one SIEM deployment that includes McAfee Enterprise Log Manager (ELM) and McAfee Event Receiver (ERC). McAfee SIEM appliance specifications and descriptions are provided for information only, subject to change without notice, and provided without warranty of any kind, expressed or implied.

Model Number Appliance Size Local Storage1 CPU Cores System Requirements
All-in-One SIEM: Enterprise Security Manager, Enterprise Log Manager & Event Receiver
ESM-ELM-ERC-VM-8 VM Recommended 250GB 8 VM (AWS, ESX, KVM), 8 processor cores, 4GB of memory
ESM-ELM-ERC-VM-12 VM Recommended 500GB+480GB SSD2 12 VM (AWS, ESX, KVM), 12 processor cores, 64GB of memory
ESM-ELM-ERC-5700 2U 32 TB + 800 GB SSD 20 N/A
ESM-ELM-ERC-6050 2U 40 TB +800 GB SSD 28 N/A
Enterprise Security Manager
ESM-VM-8 VM Recommended 250GB 8 VM (AWS, ESX, KVM), 4GB of memory
ESM-VM-12 VM Recommended 500GB+480GB SSD2 12 VM (AWS, ESX, KVM), 64GB of memory
ESM-VM-32 VM Recommended 2TB+800GB SSD2 32 VM (AWS, ESX, KVM), 96GB of memory
ETM-5700 2U 32 TB + 800 GB SSD 20 N/A
ETM-6050 2U 40 TB + 800 GB SSD 28 N/A
ETM-X7 2U 16 TB SSD + 2 TB SSD (PCle) 20 N/A
ETM-X9 2U 19 TB SSD + 8 TB SSD (PCle) 28 N/A
ETM-X11 2U 19 TB SSD + 8 TB SSD (PCle) 36 N/A

1Usable event and flow data storage capacity will vary by customer event types, event rates, software version, and other factors.
2Minimum 50K IOPS for SSD; additional storage should be a minimum of 100 IOPS.

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SIEM-Integrated Partners

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User & Entity Behavior Analytics


Application & Database Security


Risk & Compliance

Beyond Trust

Incident Response & Forensics

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ESG Lab Validation: McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

ESG finds McAfee ESM delivers context-aware visibility, reducing time to protection.

Read Report >

McAfee Enterprise Security Manager

The McAfee Enterprise Security Manager SIEM solution delivers real-time understanding of threat data and reputation feeds and a view of systems, data, risks, and activities inside your enterprise.

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Introduction to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

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This remains the top SIEM available.
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