Demo Station



McAfee® Data Protection 11.1

This demo booth will showcase the latest McAfee® DLP 11.1 features, including the newly redesigned capture for forensic investigation, and will demonstrate how to tackle insider threats and exact data matching.

    1. Better visibility, control, and protection of your data
    2. Stopping Data Exfiltration while Maintaining User Productivity.
    3. Advanced protection for data at rest and data in motion
    4. Centralized event monitoring and auditing capabilities

McAfee® MVISION Endpoint
McAfee® MVISION Mobile

Simplify and enhance your security by augmenting native controls, leveraging SaaS management, and protecting mobile devices.

    1. McAfee Endpoint Security - A single platform of integrated, centrally managed, advanced defenses
    2. McAfee MVISION ePO
    3. McAfee MVISION Endpoint
    4. McAfee MVISION Mobil

Optimize Security Operations — Intelligent Security Operations

Address the growth of security data, and resolve incidents efficiently using high-volume data management, advanced security analytics, and guided workflow.

    1. Transforming Security Operations
    2. Is your SOC caught in the Slow Lane?
    3. The threat inside can’t hide
    4. Transform security analysts into expert investigators

Data Center and Cloud Defense

Defend your workloads in the hybrid cloud. Safer. Faster. Simpler.

    1. Protect and manage public cloud servers
    2. Automate and simplify workload defense for the hybrid cloud
    3. Integrated network security for data center and cloud
    4. Optimized security for virtualized environments

From On Premises to Cloud DLP Visibility / Management

McAfee® ePO™ software integrates with McAfee® DLP and our CASB solution for classifications, alerts, policies, and inspection of documents and emails.

    1. How McAfee’s CASB Integrates with McAfee Endpoint DLP
    2. How a CASB Integrates with an On-Premises DLP Solution
    3. The Top 3 Reasons to Integrate DLP with a Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB)
    4. Data security and threat defense from device to cloud

McAfee® MVISION Cloud

McAfee® MVISION Cloud enables companies to confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safer, more secure, and supporting compliance programs. It provides visibility into Shadow IT, governance over data in cloud applications, and protection against threats targeting cloud accounts.

    1. Cloud Native: Securing Data with McAfee CASB
    2. Definitive Guide to Cloud Threat Protection
    3. McAfee MVISION Cloud Data Sheet
    4. 10 Best Practices for Successful CASB Projects (Gartner)
    5. Cloud Adoption & Risk Report    

Supercharging Security Orchestration / Automation Using DXL Integrations

Discover the secret to amplifying the effectiveness of cross-vendor DXL integrations and McAfee products using security orchestration and automation tools.

    1. DXL is easy, one-to-many app integrations and instant communication
    2. OpenDXL for sharing real-time threat information from disparate systems to execute accurate security decisions and actions
    3. McAfee and Swimlane for Security Operations
    4. McAfee and ThreatQ for Threat Intelligence Operations
    5. The OpenDXL Recognition Program

Build Your Business Case for Security Transformation

Move beyond fear. Advance your security strategy with an objective, customized business case for change.

    1. McAfee's Value Management Office: The Business Case for Change

McAfee® Customer Success Group—in Lock-Step with Your Success

McAfee® Customer Success Group enables your success by providing holistic outcome and lifecycle-based services and tools, delivering on our mission to provide an exceptional customer experience.

    1. Bundled plans with personalized services, resources, and expert guidance
             •   McAfee Premier Success Plan
             •   McAfee Enhanced Success Plan
             •   McAfee Essential Success Plan
    2. Proactive and reactive service that prepares you for a cyberattack
    3. Broad training portfolio to build skills and improve your confidence
    4. Product and security consulting services to maximize your security investment
    5. Information-sharing and best practices for issue resolution
    6. Centralized location for common product resources
             •   McAfee ePO
             •   McAfee ENS
    7. Mobile enterprise support application to view and update Service Requests. Download from the iOS or Android app store.    
    8. Get Your MPOWER Badge for McAfee Support Community here