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Category: Cloud Security - Overview

Secure Your Cloud, 2020 and Beyond

Speaker: Kaushik Narayan - CTO, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

Cloud security has evolved as quickly as the cloud itself with 90% of sensitive data now in sanctioned apps like Microsoft 365 and Salesforce. As production workloads and information assets increasingly migrate to the cloud, the threat landscape continues to evolve. These trends are leading to a platform approach that optimizes visibility and control, no matter where data resides. Learn how McAfee is investing in MVISION Cloud.


Category: Cloud Security - Threats

MVISION Cloud Threat Investigation with MITRE ATT&CK

Speaker: Sandeep Chandana - Director, Data Scientist for the Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

The world’s leading security teams use MITRE ATT&CK. With MVISION Cloud, McAfee is bringing cloud security incidents into the mainstream SOC. For many security teams today, cloud threat investigation is a manual, labor-intensive process. It’s difficult to gain visibility to attacks occurring across your cloud environment, from Microsoft 365, to Box, to Azure, AWS, and all the other services you use. Events can regularly be in the millions, which creates a roadblock to developing a repeatable risk mitigation process. MVISION Cloud pre-filters millions of events to thousands of anomalies and often just dozens of true threats to your cloud environment. Now, those threats and anomalies are tagged and mapped to MITRE ATT&CK, so the cloud speaks the same language as the rest of your SOC. You have multiple workflows to choose from – directly feeding the MITRE ATT&CK events to your SIEM or SOAR platform via API, or visualizing attacks in MVISION Cloud. In MVISION Cloud, you can visualize attacks that have already occurred, and ones currently in progress, with policy recommendations for the actual adversary techniques being used against you.


Category: Cloud Security - IaaS/CNAPP

Introducing McAfee MVISION Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP)

Speaker: Kaushik Narayan - CTO, Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

In responding to a digital transformation mandate most organizations are leveraging the agility, elasticity, and innovation velocity of public cloud providers, either solely or in conjunction with their private data centers and private clouds in a hybrid manner. All organizations want to unleash the productivity and creativity of their developers to rapidly develop and deploy compelling cloud-native applications. And all organizations want to ensure that their data, workloads, and resources in these cloud-native applications are safe and regulatorily compliant. Introducing MVISION CNAPP - McAfee’s Cloud Native Application Protection Platform. MVISION CNAPP delivers consistent data protection, threat prevention, governance, and compliance across the entire lifecycle of cloud-native applications, workloads and data. Further, MVISION CNAPP helps unleash developer productivity by delivering frictionless automation to enable true DevSecOps.


Category: Cloud Security - IaaS

Reducing DevOps Risk

Speaker: Sekhar Sarukkai - McAfee Fellow and Chief Scientist of the Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

According to Gartner, nearly all successful attacks on cloud services are the result of customer misconfiguration, mismanagement and mistakes. Through 2023, at least 99% of cloud security failures will be the customer’s fault.” The spotlight is shining brightly on the intersection of DevOps and Security. Security is pushed earlier in the DevOps process so that security professionals can catch risky configurations before they become a threat in production. DevSecOps may include vulnerability assessment of images, automated checks against known bad configuration as soon as code is checked in – all well before an image is deployed. Learn how MVISION Cloud helps enterprises "Shift Left" to confidently deploy applications in the cloud with greater speed and agility.


Category: Cloud Security - SaaS

Securing Microsoft Teams with MVISION Cloud

Speaker: Thyaga Vasudevan - Sr Director, Product Management for the Cloud Business Unit, McAfee

Collaboration at work has evolved beyond email. Cloud applications allow teams to communicate in real-time, efficiently share information, collaborate on documents, and access information easily from any device. With agile, dynamic workplaces moving the way of collaboration applications. McAfee MVISION Cloud for Teams implements cloud access security broker (CASB) technology to enforce data loss prevention (DLP), threat protection, activity monitoring, and rights management from a unified cloud-native platform. MVISION Cloud Link connects to Team’s APIs to gain visibility and enforce policies based on data and user activity. MVISION Cloud Gateway enforces policies inline for data in motion, covering all users and devices without agents. Finally, the MVISION Cloud Ground Link connects between cloud and on-premises security tools. With enterprise-grade cloud services and a cloud-native security solution, data in the cloud can be more secure than anywhere else. We are excited to talk about our partnership with Microsoft to ensure Office 365 is one of the safest places for enterprise data.


Category: Digital Transformation - Endpoint/Overall

Endpoint Security: How to Securely Enable Your Remote Workforce

Speaker: Salah Nassar - Director, Product Marketing, McAfee

On the heels of today’s new remote workforce, organizations are scrambling to provide the proper tools for collaboration while maintaining business integrity across all endpoints. The need for organizations to adapt and secure business systems from cyberattacks is a shift in the security industry unlike ever before. It is through intelligent monitoring and adaptation to the new remote workforce that we bring you our latest endpoint security innovations. Learn how you can enable remote services securely, as we share solutions that guide you in preventing, detecting, and responding to threats by predicting, prioritizing, and prescribing protection.


Category: Efficient Enterprise - Endpoint/Insights

Change the Game: Shift to Proactive Threat Defense with MVISION Insights

Speaker: Scott Howitt, CISO, McAfee

What does it really mean to be proactive? Imagine obtaining actionable threat insights before an attack hits your organization. Hear from organizations how these proactive insights change their security operations game plan and produces new and better outcomes. Review the possibilities of proactivity to come!


Category: Digital Transformation - SASE

Accelerating Your Cloud Transformation with SASE

Speaker: Anand Ramanathan - Vice President, Product Marketing, McAfee

The Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) framework empowers organizations to securely embrace the cloud while avoiding complexity, latency, and high costs. Learn how MVISION UCE uniquely converges SWG, CASB, DLP and Remote Browser Isolation technologies to accelerate your SASE journey.


Category: Digital Transformation - SASE

Don't Let a Crisis Stop Your Business: Free Your Teams to Securely Work from Home

Speaker: Naveen Palavalli - Vice President, Marketing, McAfee

The global pandemic required organizations to turn on a dime to a cloud-enabled, remote workforce. Security was often an afterthought. McAfee enables you to safely and easily empower your workface with proactive device-to-cloud cyber-security. Don’t compromise productivity for security: learn how to get advanced security with 99.999% availability for optimal business outcomes.


Category: Efficient Enterprise - Endpoint/XDR

Feel the Power of the X-factor: Get Ahead of the Breakout Point with XDR

Speaker: Shailaja Shankar - SVP, Endpoint Engineering, McAfee

Why do you need XDR: Today’s SOC need to have proactive warnings of threats? Instead of a passive approach that logs and forwards alerts, XDR (Extended Detection and Response) qualifies and presents actionable findings, that empower security practitioners to do more than just alerts triage. This session will go into why you need XDR to build a more efficient SOC.