McAfee is a proud platinum with keynote level sponsor of RSA Conference 2021. Take in the McAfee virtual booth and sessions presented by McAfee industry leaders including a keynote address from Steve Grobman, Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer on Tuesday, May 18.


Steve Grobman

Steve Grobman, Sr. Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, McAfee

Bathtubs, Snakes and WannaCry, Oh My! Risk in the Physical and Cyber World

As humans, we are awful at perceiving risk. We are influenced by media, anecdotal data, and evolutionary biology. Irrational fears lead humans to misperceive actual risks and sub-optimize risk reduction in both the physical and cyber world. To combat this, we need to be aware of our biases and embrace data and science-based approaches to assess and mitigate risk.

Tuesday, May 18, 8:05 AM PDT

Watch Steve Grobman Discuss His Upcoming RSAC 2021 Keynote

RSAC 2021 McAfee Sessions

Breakout Sessions

Sherin M. Mathews — Sr. Data Scientist
Amanda House — Data Scientist

Ethical AI: Addressing Bias & Algorithmic Fairness

AI models can exhibit bias that adversaries can utilize to bypass security measures. It is therefore imperative to explore algorithmic fairness to combat vulnerabilities. This session will address Ethical AI & present techniques for bias detection, fairness metrics, bias-explainability tools, and bias mitigation algorithms for datasets and models.

Monday, May 17 | 2:45 pm – 3:25 pm PDT | Classroom: MLAI-M17

Lynda Grindstaff — VP, Content Operations and Assessment

Through Your Mind’s Eye: What Biases Are Impacting Your Security Posture?

While you may have the best intentions, we all have biases in good and bad ways that have formed us to the person we are today. We will explore how biases impact decision-making relative to cybersecurity, distort views of cyber-related risks, and lead to erroneous judgements on the preparedness of an enterprise. You will leave with tips to overcome biases in your security posture.

Wednesday, May 19 | 3:00 pm – 3:40 pm PDT | Classroom: MASH-W16

Sponsor Sessions

Scott Howitt — SVP and Chief Information Officer

Transformation of the Digital Leader

How do CIOs need to evolve to keep up with changing business conditions? How should CIOs be talking to the board of directors and what are the new ways they should be leveraging technology to drive positive business outcomes? CIOs need to think beyond cost-cutting and switch to a new mindset where the role is not so much the Chief Information Officer, but instead is the Chief Innovation Officer.

Monday, May 17 | 11:45 am – 12:25 pm PDT | Session ID: SPO2-M10

Birds of a Feather

Tuesday, May 18 | 10:05 am – 10:45 am PDT | Session ID: BOF4-T08

Raj Samani — McAfee Fellow, Chief Scientist
John Fokker — Principal Engineer

Ransomware: New Recipe for an Old Dish

We may have thought ransomware peaked 5 years ago, but not so. Just like it takes trial and error to produce the perfect recipe, cybercriminals have continued to hone their skills and techniques to improve their already successful extortion dish. Hear what simple ingredient changes have had the largest effect on the way Ransomware is served currently.

Tuesday, May 18 | 12:00 pm – 12:40 pm PDT | Session ID: SPO1-T12

Briefing Sessions

Randy Kersey — Sr. Product Manager
Dave Gruber — Sr. Analyst, ESG
Jon Olstik — Sr. Principal Analyst and ESG Fellow

How Cloud-Centric Workforces are Fast-tracking SOC Transformation

The evolving threat landscape is forcing a Security Operation transformation bringing a focus on detection and response tools beyond the endpoint. Join our expert panel including McAfee's Randy Kersey, ESG’s Jon Oltsik, and Dave Gruber as we discuss the promise of eXtended Detection and Response (XDR), where to start, what problems XDR solves, its impact on SIEM, and more.

Session Code: SB-3595 Watch On-Demand Session

Vishwas Manral — Chief Architect, Cloud
Rich Vorwaller — Product Director

How “Cloudy” is your Cloud-Native Application Security

Did you know that most cloud-native applications include a significant on-premise component? Join us to hear how Kubernetes and Docker are being used on premise to create cloud-native applications, and how to secure their sprawl in the public cloud. See how it all comes together with McAfee MVISION CNAPP!

Session Code: SB-3593 Watch On-Demand Session

Sadik AlAbdulla — VP, Product Management

Take the Fastest Route to SASE with MVISION Unified Cloud Edge (UCE)

Digital Transformation and the “Work from Anywhere” revolution are a strain on traditional network and security architectures. A SASE framework can help make the most of the productivity and cost-saving benefits of the cloud, and MVISION Unified Cloud Edge can offer a fast and secure path to SASE with 99.999% available cloud backbone, multi-vector data protection, and real-time threat protection.

Session Code: SB-3592 Watch On-Demand Session

Naveen Palavalli — VP, Product Strategy
Nigel Hawthorn — Director, Product Strategy

Zero Trust: From Theory to Action

The principles of Zero Trust are well known. This briefing moves from theory to Zero Trust in Action. How to compare multiple attributes from device, user behavior, application, and data and make the right risk-based decision. You need collaboration and cooperation between multiple vendors. Learn how you can move from ZT design principles to ZT in Action.

Session Code: SB-3591 Watch On-Demand Session


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Demo Stations at the McAfee Virtual Booth

DS1: Get Ahead of Adversaries with MVISION Insights

MVISION Insights delivers proactive intelligence to respond before an attack occurs. Prioritizes threats. Predicts impact. Prescribes countermeasures.

  • Detailed threat assessments on prioritized global campaigns
  • Actionable and comprehensive security posture assessment
  • Advanced protection with machine learning and rollback remediation

Watch Demo

DS2: Take the Fastest Route to SASE with MVISION Unified Cloud Edge (UCE)

MVISION UCE extends multi-vector data protection and real-time threat protection to users accessing the cloud from any device or location.

  • Unified data protection from device to cloud
  • Stop advanced threats with integrated RBI
  • Ubiquitous, blazing fast Hyperscale Service Edge

Watch Demo

DS3: Secure Your Cloud Transformation with MVISION Cloud

MVISION Cloud (CASB) accelerates your business by making your journey to the cloud secure and compliant.

  • Get comprehensive security intelligence on 30,000+ apps
  • Stop evasive cloud threats with UEBA
  • Gain policy insight through Cloud Security Advisor

Watch Demo

DS4: Transform Your SOC with MVISION eXtended Detection and Response (XDR)

MVISION XDR extends detection and response to cloud apps and correlates sensitive data with user behavior analytics equipping SOCs with unprecedented visibility and the ability to mitigate cloud-born threats.

  • Single console for detection and response of endpoints to cloud apps
  • Visibility and forensics of cloud apps, network traffic, and SIEM data
  • Easy user interface with built-in workflows

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DS5: Secure Your Cloud-Native Apps with MVISION CNAPP

MVISION CNAPP is a comprehensive, automated, and frictionless architecture to secure enterprise cloud-native application ecosystem. Learn how it works.

  • Provides frictionless discovery of all workloads to prioritize security risk
  • Enables in-tenant Data Loss Prevention Scanning
  • Maps threats to MITRE ATT&CK Framework for Cloud

Watch Demo