On-Demand Webcast

Endpoint Security Architecture for Advanced Threat Protection and Detection

There is little argument that the need to IT security has never been greater. Whether you’re looking at the potential costs of a malware outbreak which seem to grow year on year, the amount of new malware being generated which is in excess of 600,000 per day according to McAfee’s latest report, or the reputational damage that a data breach can inflict on your business – it all points to the need to ensure the best possible security. But that security has to be delivered without impacting on business productivity, flexibility and speed.

And since the endpoint is where so much of the work gets done, these requirements are arguably most critical in this part of the environment.

That’s why this edition of McAfee’s regular webinar series will be looking in depth at what a modern endpoint security architecture needs to deliver - from threat prevention and data protection to the tools you need to measure your real security capability.

In this webinar you will:

  • How to disrupt complex attacks
  • How to measure your real security capability
  • The key requirements for providing visibility for detection and integration for speed of response
  • How McAfee solutions including McAfee ENS and OpenDXL can help you protect your environment
  • The different tools and techniques that can be used across the different stages of the MITRE Att&ck Framework