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Last Name: ${lastName}
Email Address: ${email}
Region ${geo}

Sidebar Questions

1. Existing customer or net-new? ${misc1}
2. What was the close quarter? ${misc2}
3. Number of Endpoints? ${misc3}
4. Please list ALL products and services-sold. ${misc4}
5. Who was the competition? (Was it a displacement?) ${misc5}
6. Did they purchase Professional Services? ${misc6}
7. If they did purchase Professional Services, can you explain the reason? And which ones? ${misc7}
8. Who was the VAR/Partner? ${misc8}

Basic Questions

1. Existing customer or net-new? ${misc9}
2. Please list 3 differentiators why the customer chose to partner with McAfee. What separated us from other vendors? ${misc10}
3. About this Customer: What does their IT environment look like (number of nodes, company size, etc.? ${misc11}
4. Our Approach: How did we learn about the deal?, How did we go about winning the deal? What pushed us ahead of the competition? ${misc12}
5. Sales Tools: EBC, references, POC, Sales Play, etc.? ${misc13}
6. What worked? Before – what did we do to shore up the deal? During – how did we secure the deal? After – how are we staying close to the account? ${misc14}
7. The Team: who else was involved in the deal? (McAfee Team: ISR, SE, partners, etc.) ${misc15}