Instructions for Running Deployment Reports

Please see the information below regarding your product and reporting options.

ePO Report Information

  • Prior to running ePO reporting, we suggest you run an inactive clean-up and remove any inactive/retired machines from your console. Instructions for running the clean-up report are available below for your version of ePO. All submitted reporting will be considered final and our review will be based on those numbers.
  • Run ePO deployment reports on all servers administering your McAfee product deployment.

ePO Version 5.X
Provide the protection summary report. The report provides a count of nodes in use, by OS Type, and managed by ePO.

For nodes installed and in use but not managed by ePO, please complete the Manual Certification Form.

Manual Certification
You may complete the Manual Certification Form or McAfee will accept reporting from a third-party license management tool you may be currently using.

Web/Email Gateway
Complete the Web and Email Gateway Certification form if you are utilizing WSG, WAM, WRP, WPS, ELP, or any other gateway software product. Gateway software is not managed by ePO and requires manual certification.

Software Asset Management Program
Please review Software Asset Management Program document for more information regarding this program and how to participate.

Technical Support Termination
Complete the McAfee Technical Support Termination if Technical Support is no longer accessed by the company or its representatives.

Learn more about EULA or product entitlement definitions.