Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

Cloud Adoption and Risk Report

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Cloud is now an official extension of nearly every IT environment. As services continue to evolve along with your risk mitigation strategy, it’s time to ensure security keeps up with this accelerating pace.

Key findings from over 30 million McAfee MVISION Cloud users:

  • Threats in Office 365 have grown by 63% in the last two years
  • 78% of organizations using IaaS/PaaS use both AWS and Azure
  • Sharing sensitive data using open links has increased by 23% over the past two years
  • Among over 3.2 billion cloud events generated by the average organization, 3,217 are anomalous, and 31.3 are actual threat events

Cloud threats by category

The average enterprise organization experiences 31.3 cloud-related security threats each month, a 27.7% increase over the same period last year.

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Cloud threats by category

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