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Partnership overview

DXC Technology and McAfee collaborate to provide market leading services based on the strength of our industry positions and the heritage of a strong, long-standing global security partnership. McAfee offers comprehensive data protection and threat defense — from device to cloud — through an open, extensible, cloud-native platform. DXC manages the largest McAfee endpoint estate in the world and has delivered a significant number of globally standard managed services built on McAfee technologies.

Together, our next-generation services and solutions provide world-class infrastructure and cloud security, data protection and cyber defense to enterprises and government agencies around the globe.

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Global Service Provider services

Customers can take advantage of a range of joint DXC and McAfee next-generation services and solutions, including:

DXC Managed Endpoint Protection (MEP), based on McAfee Endpoint Security (ENS 10), now features McAfee Advanced Threat Defense (ATD), as well as three other components:

  • Real Protect applies machine learning behavior classification to block zero-day malware before it executes and stop live threats that had evaded previous detection.
  • Dynamic Application Containment (DAC) secures against zero-day threats by preventing greyware from making malicious changes to endpoints, both on and off the network.
  • Threat Intelligence Exchange (TIE) connects security components to share contextual insights and provide organization-wide visibility and control for adaptive threat protection.
  • Advanced Threat Defense (ATD) combines in-depth static code analysis, dynamic analysis (malware sandboxing) and machine learning to increase zero-day threat detection.

DXC Managed Network Intrusion Prevention Service, built on McAfee Network Security Platform, is a next generation intrusion-prevention system (IPS) that redefines how organizations block advanced threats.

About DXC Technology

DXC Technology (NYSE: DXC) helps global companies run their mission critical systems and operations while modernizing IT, optimizing data architectures, and ensuring security and scalability across public, private and hybrid clouds. With decades of driving innovation, the world’s largest companies trust DXC to deploy our enterprise technology stack to deliver new levels of performance, competitiveness and customer experiences. Learn more about the DXC story and our focus on people, customers and operational execution at www.dxc.technology.

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