McAfee Security Suite for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Scalable, unified protection designed for virtual desktop infrastructure

Improve virtual desktop security, with minimal impact on performance

McAfee Security Suite for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offers Cloud Workload Discovery for private cloud deployments, covering VMware and OpenStack, for end-to-end visibility into all workloads and their underlying platforms.

Gain comprehensive protection

Get optimized antivirus prevention for virtual environments, whitelisting to protect from zero-day threats, desktop intrusion protection, and web protection.

Improve efficiency of virus scanning

As a key component of the suite, McAfee MOVE AntiVirus delivers a virtual appliance to consolidate scanning and signature updates outside of each virtual machine (VM), rather than running an endpoint security agent in each VM.

Share threat intelligence

Tight integration with other McAfee solutions enable immediate sharing of threat intelligence across the entire infrastructure to enhance zero-day threat protection, reduce time from encounter to containment, and speed post-attack investigation.

Expand visibility with centralized management

Manage physical and virtual machines from a single console with McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and Cloud Workload Discovery.

Secure virtual desktops from threats

Unify security and compliance for virtualized desktops

Ensure maximum performance and allow servers to run up to three times the number of virtual desktops, compared to traditional endpoint security solutions.

Protect against advanced threats

Safeguard against known and emerging exploits, including zero-day attacks, and protect users surfing the web—without limiting internet access.

Protect data on removable media

Encrypt files and removable media, enabling users to protect USB devices and transfer information in a secure manner.

System requirements

For a full list of supported operating systems and other technical specifications, please see the complete system requirements.

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McAfee Security Suite for VDI

McAfee Security Suite for VDI provides anti-malware protection optimized for virtualization, whitelisting to protect from zero-day threats, desktop intrusion protection, and data protection.

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