Automate event log management and analysis

Intelligent Event Log Management

McAfee Enterprise Log Manager collects logs intelligently, stores the right logs for compliance, and parses and analyzes the right logs for security.

Meet Compliance Log Retention Requirements

Collect, sign, and store any log type in its original format to support specific compliance needs. Unaltered original log files support chain of custody and non-repudiation efforts.

Store Logs Locally or via a Managed SAN

Customizable storage pools ensure logs are stored correctly, for the right amount of time. Choose from flexible storage options, including HDD appliance storage and optional DAS and SAN storage.

Comprehensive Log Collection and Management

Universal event log collection and retention meets compliance requirements and supports chain of custody and forensics.

Flexible Storage

Adapt storage and retention appropriate to each log source. Store logs locally or via a managed storage area network.

Rich Context for Analysis

Leverage built-in event log management, analysis, and search functions.

Product features

Integrated with Your Infrastructure

McAfee Enterprise Log Manager is an optional, integrated component of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager that advances security investigations and incident response.

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