McAfee Global Threat Intelligence (GTI) for ESM

Bring the power of McAfee Labs to enterprise security monitoring

Enhancing situational awareness with threat intelligence data

McAfee GTI for ESM delivers a constantly updated, rich feed that enables rapid discovery of events involving communications with suspicious or malicious IP addresses.

Enhanced protection for the entire network

Immediately detect when any node on your network is communicating with a suspicious or known bad actor and quickly understand the threat’s path.

Advanced threat detection

With McAfee GTI and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, security analysts can evaluate years of data to understand past interactions with bad actors—a critical step to detecting advanced threats.

Built for big security data

Leverage a massive McAfee GTI threat feed without impacting performance.

Understand the risk associated with events

Identify past interactions with known bad actors associated with botnets, distributed denial-of-service (DDoS), mail- and spam-sending malware.

Bring threat intelligence to situational awareness

Pinpoint malicious activity in real time

Ensure that servers and systems continually have an accurate reputation score, shrinking the incident response time window and providing accurate risk analysis.

Monitor threats 24/7

McAfee Labs provides an accurate, up-to-date understanding of the global threat landscape, constantly updating threat intelligence with newly detected infected and malicious systems.

Reduce response time

Seamless integration with the McAfee Enterprise Security Manager alarm and alerting mechanisms ensures that interactions with known malicious systems gain the attention they deserve.

McAfee Connect

Maximize the value of your McAfee Enterprise Security Manager with pre-built content packs to streamline security monitoring, threat management, and incident response.

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McAfee GTI for ESM

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence enhances your SIEM deployment with a constantly updated threat intelligence feed that broadens situational awareness.

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Sustainable Security Operations

Discover how to successfully adopt sustainable security operations with optimized processes and tools to compress decision-making and quickly detect, contain, and remediate attacks.

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This remains the top SIEM available.
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