Are you getting our latest endpoint protection?

If you’re running McAfee VirusScan Enterprise, McAfee Host IPS Firewall, or McAfee SiteAdvisor web filtering, you’re not using our latest and most effective endpoint protection. McAfee Endpoint Security is a free security upgrade that simplifies management and leverages machine learning and application containment to halt threats in their tracks.

A recent study by AV-Comparatives shows that upgrading to McAfee Endpoint Security gives you a 25% higher protection rate than McAfee VirusScan Enterprise against zero-day threats. A shared ecosystem means you get a unified solution that integrates multiple defense technologies to collaborate in real time to quickly detect, analyze, block, and contain in-progress attacks, for faster analysis and actions against new and advanced threats, providing stronger threat intelligence.

McAfee Endpoint Security’s orchestrated analysis of and response to threats enables it to automatically protect your environment from zero-day threats like ransomware, save patient zero, and stop network infection simultaneously, providing you with the robust endpoint security solution that today’s advanced threats require.

Existing McAfee customers, with a current license or entitlement to endpoint security suites, can retain their policies and client task assignments from legacy products. Migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security is a free update and can take less than 20 minutes.

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  • Upgrade Project Planning Guide — Download a comprehensive step-by-step migration guide
  • Solution brief — Read more about McAfee Endpoint Security
  • White paper — Get the top five reasons to migrate to McAfee Endpoint Security
  • Brochure — See a migration broken out into three steps
  • Infographic — Learn how McAfee Endpoint Security compares to McAfee VirusScan Enterprise
  • FAQ — Read frequently asked questions about upgrading
  • Case study — Learn what a city in Sweden experienced by migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security

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Ready to migrate? Let's get started.

Step 1: Plan Your Migration

Start by conducting a thorough planning exercise, identifying a set of initial considerations to assist you with upgrade planning.
Download our Upgrade Project Planning Guide

Discuss your current network and systems architecture, and ensure participants and stakeholders possess a high-level understanding of the McAfee Endpoint Security platform.
View online and in-person training courses
Review McAfee Endpoint Security FAQ

Perform an assessment of your current production environment configuration to provide guidance and recommendations for your upgrade.
Download the Endpoint Upgrade Assistant (EUA)
Note: You’ll need your grant number to access this software.

Watch the product overview of McAfee Endpoint Upgrade Assistant: Version 1.6.0

Choose your path: Do you want to retain any current settings and assignments for your legacy products?

  • No: Install McAfee Endpoint Security without migrating. Follow the instructions in the McAfee Endpoint Security Installation Guide.
  • Yes: Use the Migration Assistant to transfer your settings before deploying McAfee Endpoint Security to systems. If you want to migrate your settings, decide whether to migrate automatically or manually.

Download the Endpoint Security 10.5 Installation Guide
Download the Endpoint Security 10.5 Migration Guide

Step 2: Deploy Your New Endpoint Security

Install, configure, upgrade, and validate the McAfee solution in a non-production environment.

Perform validation testing to verify your McAfee products are functional, blocking and monitoring activity, and producing logs and events, which are viewable on client systems and from the McAfee ePO console.

Migrate existing policies. Before fully deploying the new McAfee Endpoint Security software to your organization, pilot it in a test environment. Once the pilot test is complete, deploy throughout your organization. McAfee recommends following your organization’s practices for submitting change requests, performing system backups, and developing a recovery plan.

Step 3: Optimize Your New Endpoint Security

Ensure your McAfee Endpoint Security solution is aligned with business processes and remains tuned through periodic assessments.


For more detailed information, visit our Expert Center pages on McAfee Endpoint Security and Endpoint Security Migration
Review the latest recommendations for McAfee Endpoint Security
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Now that you have upgraded to our latest McAfee Endpoint Security, you can take advantage of the integrated components it offers. McAfee Endpoint Security shares its observations in real time with multiple endpoint defense technologies connected to its framework, including:


Integrated endpoint data protection, offering data protection, device control, and file encryption to help avoid data loss.
Machine learning to analyze and halt potential threats by how they look and by how they behave.
Application containment for continuously monitoring and containing malicious application behavior before damage occurs.
Integrated detection and response (EDR) to identify active breaches and equip administrators with interactive investigations.

What will you gain by upgrading to McAfee Endpoint Security? Hear from customers.

New Standard Corporation

New Standard Corporation

“The evolution of the endpoint has been great with McAfee.”

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City of Gothenburg

City of Gothenburg

“We saved 40 hours per week by migrating to McAfee Endpoint Security.”

Read Case Study

Why McAfee Endpoint Security?

McAfee Endpoint Security 10 consolidates individual legacy products into Endpoint Security Threat Prevention, Web Control, and Firewall modules. The common architecture allows the protection modules to work together to provide improved security.

Capabilities McAfee Endpoint Security McAfee VirusScan Enterprise
Signature-less protection Yes No
Machine learning pre-and post-execution analysis Yes No
Automatic containment of suspicious executables Yes No
Integration with McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response
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Yes No
One-click corrections across entire environment Yes No
Automated workflows for greater efficiency Yes No


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Want More Help?

Our Professional Services team can provide the guidance and expertise to ensure a successful migration within more complex upgrade scenarios. Contact Professional Services to learn how to optimize your policies, start a pilot upgrade, assess your complete McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator environment, and manage a full McAfee Endpoint Security deployment.

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