11.4.x represents the largest assortment of enhancements, features updates, and fixes released to date

Here are general improvements of McAfee Enterprise Security Manager 11.4.x. If you want further information, visit the Release Notes page.

Category Features Content
Integrations Mitre ATT&CK APT29 Content Pack
  • Mitre ATT&CK Integration (APT29 support)
Amazon Cloud DataSources (CloudWatch, GuardDuty, CloudTrail)
  • CloudWatch NGC Collector & Parsing
  • GuardDuty flow NGC Collector & Parsing
  • Cloudtrail Collector enhancement
Additional Integrations and Data Source support
  • ConsumeEDR activity feed
  • Mimecast Integration
  • VMware Horizon Integration
  • Checkpoint via Syslog Integration
  • Dragos Datasource Integration
  • Add additional DSs to support FedRamp Cert. (Nessus, Yubikey, Ansible, Okta, OSSEC, EDR Kubernetes)
User Interface ESM Admin App
  • Thin Client to hold decouple Flash from Browsers
HTML5 Analyst Flow& Migration (Alarms Mgmt, User Preferences, IOCs enhancements, Custom Display, Chart Actions)
  • Alarms Management (CRUD)
  • Chart Actions (ePO Tagging, TIE exec. history, Rules by events)
  • Send alarms via DXL (Beta to GA, multiple ePOs)
  • IOC Dashboard enhancements
  • Custom Display
  • User Preferences
  • Fist Time Login (not Analyst flow but required due to initial setup out of Flash)
Cloud Deploy New Monitoring Agents (DenseIO)
  • Prometheus Agent implementation
  • DenseIO VM type support
Architectural DSB Clustering
  • Static creation of Multi Node Cluster (3 nodes recommended)
Gen 5.5 Hardware support
  • Drivers, Kernel Modification 1U & 2U Gen5.5. HW support
  • Policy Editor loading time
  • IPSET implementation on ERCs
Performance Improvements (Policy Editor, Device Tree, ELS, Device Keying, DB Sync, Query building, ERC IpSet)
  • ELS multiple DSs
  • Query building times (reduce dashboards loading time)
  • Device Key (when Adding/Deleting devices)
  • Device Tree refactor

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