McAfee Incident Response Service

As cyberattacks occur, be prepared, respond more effectively, and improve your ROI

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The McAfee Incident Response (IR) Service, a unique offering of IR readiness assessment and emergency IR hours, helps strengthen and prepare you for a cyberattack.

Be more prepared for cyberattacks

Work with McAfee security professionals to proactively build a comprehensive IR plan—before a cyberattack occurs.

Reduce business disruptions

Access McAfee security experts to help you respond more effectively, saving downtime and loss of reputation.

Improve the ROI of your solutions

Extract maximum value from McAfee solutions, securing your data and protecting your investment.


Security incidents and losses are on the rise, yet many organizations don’t have a plan to diagnose and handle a breach. While you can’t prevent every incident, our experienced IR team can help you respond more effectively, minimize damage, and reduce business disruptions when an attack occurs.

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The McAfee Incident Response Service helps you be more prepared for a cyberattack, reduce business disruptions, and improve your ROI.

IR Readiness Assessment

Includes 40 hours of planning to proactively prepare for a cyberattack:

  • Presentation and discussion of program and expected outcome
  • Interviews with role players and stakeholders
  • Review of current IR plan
  • Identify product integration in the IR plan
  • Report outlining findings and recommendations
  • New and/or revised IR plan

Emergency IR Hours

Includes 160 pre-paid emergency response hours to respond to a cyberattack:

  • 24/7/365 global hotline to report cyberattacks
  • Direct access to IR experts within 1-hour Service Level Goal (SLG)
  • IR experts dispatched to your site, if needed
  • McAfee products to contain and mitigate issues
  • Remediation assistance
  • Daily status and final reports of the emergency IR engagement
  • Unused hours can be used for other McAfee professional services within the 12-month period

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