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Machine learning is all around us, from our smart home applications to driverless automobiles. The efficiency of automated decision-making is changing the game in cybersecurity, expanding the capabilities of humans by sifting through enormous quantities of data and presenting it as actionable intelligence.

Machine learning makes security teams better, and vice versa. Human-machine teams deliver the best of both worlds, allowing endpoint security to continually evolve to stop new attack tactics. Your team deserves the best that cybersecurity has to offer, and today the best endpoint security products leverage machine learning.

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McAfee Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense

Machine learning and deep learning are pervasive within the McAfee product portfolio. Our dynamic endpoint threat defense solution applies state-of-the-art machine learning techniques to identify malicious code, combat emerging threats, and radically simplify security operations. McAfee Endpoint Security suites, part of this solution, include Real Protect technology that leverages machine learning both pre- and post-execution to stop more threats than either technique alone—all without signatures.


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