Disrupting the Disruptors, Art or Science?

A study of more than 700 IT and security professionals around the world found that 71% of the most mature SOCs closed threat cases in less than a week, compared with less mature SOCs that took an average of one to four weeks to close investigations. In our “Disrupting the Disruptors, Art or Science?” report, learn how the more advanced SOCs have added proactive threat hunting capabilities and adopted an automated and analytics-driven approach that disrupts cybercriminals and throws them off their game.

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Executive Summary

A study of more than 700 IT and security professionals around the world found that defenders can disrupt cybercriminals and throw them off their game.

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Evolution of SOC Survey

It’s a race to track down cyber criminals. Security operations centers (SOCs) want to improve. But can they disrupt the disruptors? Advanced SOCs get 45% more value by using sandboxes, customizing tools, focusing on root cause discovery, improving workflows, and revealing information otherwise not available.

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Secrets of Successful Threat Hunters Infographic

Learn how the most mature threat hunting organizations find four and a half times more root causes of malware intrusions than do novice hunting teams.

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Integrating SIEM into Your Threat Hunting Strategy

Solid threat hunting infrastructure begins, but doesn’t end, with SIEM.

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Webcast: Optimizing SIEM for Threat Hunting

Join Karl Klaessig, McAfee Product Marketing Manager, to learn more about optimizing your SIEM and threat intelligence feeds for real-time threat management.

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Webcast: Finding Context in Advanced Threat Hunting

Join renowned cybersecurity expert Dr. Peter Stephenson and McAfee’s Michael Leland to learn about tools, tactics, and processes that will improve your threat hunting abilities.

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