Fueled by Insight

Identify with Machine Learning

Leverage machine learning algorithms to recognize patterns to detect behaviors that cause security breaches far more quickly than humans.

Defend and Correct with Deep Learning

Incorporate layers of input and output nodes, similar to brain neurons, to build on machine learning to detect, protect, and correct old and new threats.

Anticipate with Artificial Intelligence

Like a human brain, AI considers value judgments and outcomes when determining good or bad and right or wrong.


Actionable intelligence

Security teams are overwhelmed by the immense volume of intelligence they must sift through to protect their environments.

Using human-machine teaming, analytics capabilities are expanded to crawl enormous quantities of data and present it as actionable intelligence.

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MVISION Endpoint

Protection that combines Windows 10 security with McAfee machine learning for unified defense and management.

Advanced Endpoint Security


A SaaS solution designed to replace backend infrastructure with a simple web-based management console.

SaaS Security Management


Visibility and control over data and security policy management across SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS environments.



Central management and defense of Android and iOS devices to prevent, detect, and remediate mobile threats.

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Powerful threat detection, investigation, and response—simplified.

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MVISION Insights

Bringing the power of a billion sensors on the device, in the network, at the gateway, and in the cloud.

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