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Both data intelligence and threats are no longer confined to the walls of agencies or institutions—and neither should your security. By partnering together, we offer an open and integrated security system designed to mitigate risk, protect data and ensure visibility across all your devices, platforms and architectures.

The best way to learn about our solutions is to hear from those who use them. McAfee is a trusted cybersecurity partner across all three branches of the U.S. government, all cabinet-level agencies and all four branches of the U.S. military. State and Local agencies, as well as Education and University systems round out our robust Public Sector portfolio.

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McAfee Public Sector LLC hereby states that each end product to be delivered under this contract is a U.S.-made end product, or a designated country end product, as defined in the FAR clause 52.225-5 TRADE AGREEMENTS (Feb. 2016). Any Trade Agreements clauses other than 52.225-5 are not acceptable. Production point for product(s) submitted for this Solicitation is the United States.