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Evilnum Unleashes Pyvil RAT

The Evilnum APT has added the RAT to its arsenal as part of a big change-up in its TTPs. The Evilnum group, which specializes in targeting financial technology companies, has debuted a new tool: A Python-based remote access trojan (RAT), dubbed PyVil. The malware’s emergence dovetails with a change in the chain of infection and an expansion of infrastructure for the APT. PyVil RAT was compiled with py2exe, which is a Python extension which converts Python scripts into Microsoft Windows executables. This gives the RAT the capability to download new modules to expand functionality. PyVil RAT also has a configuration module that holds the malware’s version, command-and-control (C2) domains and instructions for which browser to use when communicating with the C2. The C2 communications are done via POST HTTP requests and are RC4 encrypted using a hardcoded key encoded with Base64, according to the analysis.
Name Modified Date Sources
Evilnum Unleashes Pyvil RAT 2020-09-16