Tracking suspicious activity in your environment can lead you to events that may be malicious and need further investigation, such as infected hosts or attackers gathering information about your environment to prepare an attack. This content pack includes components that can be used to link disparate events together into meaningful intelligence and give you a high-level overview of suspicious events for further investigation.

Content Pack Components


A high-level overview of suspicious events.

  • Suspicious Activity Overview
  • Network Flow Baseline


Prevents authorized network vulnerability scanning devices from triggering correlation rules.

  • Recon - Network Scan Devices

Correlation Rules

Can be used to link different suspicious events together into meaningful intelligence.

  • Suspicious Activity - Internal Device Communicating with External Device over Tor Ports
  • Suspicious Activity - IRC Communication with Suspicious Host
  • Suspicious Activity - Possible WannaCry Ransomware
  • Suspicious Activity - WannaCry File Extensions
  • Suspicious Activity - Windows Backup Canceled and Deleted
  • Recon - Horizontal SMB Scan - Events or Flows

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