Enforce data loss prevention to comply with external regulations and internal policies

Ensure compliance with regulations, such as PCI DSS, HIPAA-HITECH, GLBA, SOX, CIPA, FISMA, and FERPA, by applying comprehensive data loss prevention capabilities to new or existing content within Google Drive and email sent through Gmail.

Enforce Comprehensive DLP Policies

McAfee protects data by enforcing granular DLP policies based on keywords, regular expressions, file characteristics, and user activity. Leverage pre-built, vertical-specific templates or extend existing policies defined within on-premise DLP systems.

Deploy Flexible, Closed-loop Workflows

Enforce a broad range of actions including alerting, blocking, tombstoning, and quarantining. Closed-loop remediation with on-premise DLP systems from McAfee, Symantec, Forcepoint, and more enables you to utilize existing workflows while protecting data in Google Drive.

Standardize on Google Drive

Reduce the cost and risk of cloud storage while improving collaboration and productivity by standardizing on Google Drive. With McAfee’s discovery of all shadow IT cloud storage in use and their associated risk ratings, you can educate users on the perils of redundant, high risk services in real-time and guide them to use Google Drive.

Your Google Drive security operations center

Manage Google Drive security from a unified dashboard and protect data from compromised accounts and insider threats. Feed all incidents into your existing SIEMs for consistent reporting and remediation.

Powered by Machine Learning

Monitor usage and leverage big data analytics to identify compromised account or insider threat security risks stemming from inappropriate privileged access, cross-region access, excessive access, and data exfiltration.

Visibility into the Entire G-Drive Environment

Track all user and admin activities including uploads, downloads, views, edits, and deletes for compliance and investigations. Understand how content flows externally with analysis of shared links and external collaborations.

Key features

Shadow IT Discovery

Discovers all shadow IT cloud services employees are using in place of the corporate standard, Google Drive.

Connected App Security

Connected Apps, a feature of MVISION Cloud for G Suite, gives you visibility and control over the third-party apps installed into your G Suite environment, allowing you to assess your risk and set policies to revoke app access to G Suite data.

On-Demand Data Scan

Identifies sensitive data stored at rest in Google Drive with the ability to target scans based on date range, user, sharing status, and file size.

Collaboration Analytics

Visually summarizes sharing with third-party business partners, personal emails, and internal users and reports on policy violations.

Coaching and Enforcement

Displays just-in-time coaching messages guiding users from unapproved services to Google Drive and enforces granular policies such as read-only access.

Usage Analytics

Identifies all users and groups accessing Google Drive and reveals which users are accessing sensitive data.

Cloud Data Loss Prevention

Enforces DLP policies based on data identifiers, keywords, and structured/unstructured fingerprints across data at rest, uploaded, shared in real time or sent via Gmail.

Multi-Tier Remediation

Provides coach user, notify administrator, block, apply rights management, tombstone, quarantine, and delete options and enables tiered response based on the severity.

Unstructured Data Fingerprinting

Fingerprints sensitive files and detects exact match and partial or derivative matches with a policy-defined threshold for percentage similarity to the original.

Match Highlighting

Displays an excerpt with content that triggered a DLP violation. Enterprises, not MVISION, store excerpts, meeting stringent privacy requirements.

Closed-Loop Policy Enforcement

Optionally leverages policies in on-premises DLP systems, enforces policies, and registers enforcement actions in the DLP system where the policy is managed.

Secure Collaboration

Enforces external sharing policies based on shared links and content and educates users on acceptable collaboration policies.

Structured Data Fingerprinting

Fingerprints billions of unique values stored in enterprise databases and systems of record and supports exact match detection of each value.

Policy Violation Management

Offers a unified interface to review DLP violations, take manual action, and rollback an automatic remediation action to restore a file.

Pre-Built DLP Templates

Provides out-of-the-box DLP templates and a broad range of international data identifiers to help identify sensitive content such as PII, PHI, or IP.

Google Drive SOC

Delivers a threat dashboard and incident-response workflow for insider threats, privileged user threats, and compromised accounts.

User Behavior Analytics

Automatically builds a self-learning model based on multiple heuristics and identifies patterns of activity indicative of a malicious or negligent insider threat.

Privileged User Analytics

Identifies excessive user permissions, inactive accounts, inappropriate access, and unwarranted escalation of privileges and user provisioning.

Guided Learning

Provides human input to machine learning models with real-time preview showing the impact of a sensitivity change on anomalies detected by the system.

Cloud Activity Monitoring

Provides a comprehensive audit trail of all user and administrator activities to support post-incident investigations and forensics.

Account Compromise Analytics

Analyzes login attempts to identify impossible cross-region access, brute-force attacks, and untrusted locations indicative of compromised accounts.

Malware Protection

Identifies and blocks known signatures, sandboxes suspicious files, and detects behavior indicative of malware exfiltrating data via cloud services and ransomware.

Information Rights Management

Applies rights management protection to files uploaded to or downloaded from Google Drive, ensuring sensitive data is protected anywhere.

MVISION Cloud Connector

Connects to cloud services via cloud provider APIs to provide visibility and enforce security and compliance policies for all users and cloud-to-cloud activity.

Integration with On-Premises DLP

Provides integration and closed-loop remediation for Google Drive with existing on-premses DLP solutions such as McAfee, Symantec, and Forcepoint.

Integration with IRM

Integrates with leading information rights management systems to enforce existing policies across sensitive data.

MVISION Enterprise Connector

Facilitates integration with firewalls, proxies, SIEMs, directory services via LDAP, on-premises DLP, HSMs, and EMM/MDM solutions and tokenizes sensitive data.

Integration with SIEMs

Collects log files from SIEMs and provides the ability to report on incidents and events from MVISION in SIEM solutions via syslog and API integration.

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