The latest global intelligence at your fingertips

Global Telemetry

Know if a node or your company is patient zero using global telemetry from 1 billion sensors that surfaces new campaigns and attacks by geography and industry.

Threat Ranking

Focus your resources on threats that matter using AI to rank and prioritize investigations that present the greater risk to your organization.

Proactive Response

Strike first with the only actionable security intelligence solution available today that enables you to compare threats and assesses your protection capabilities for new threats before they enter your ecosystem.

McAfee’s Senior Director of Security Intelligence Bill Woods and McAfee’s Director of Product Management Robert Leong discuss the importance of intelligence and insights.

Product features

Intelligence at Scale

Fueled by the latest data with breadth to cover multiple attack vectors including endpoint, network, and cloud with the depth of over 1 billion sensors.

Faster Response

Reduce mean time to respond with one-click pivot to MVISION EDR for quick access to MITRE ATT&CK™ behaviors and detailed trace analysis.

Actionable Insights

Powerful AI-based insights weigh your risk for both known and unknown threats to not just deal with an attack, but also protect against future attacks.

Detailed Threat Assessments

Learn about active global and local threats including descriptions and IOCs from the McAfee Advanced Threat Research team.

Broad Understanding

Understand the prevalence of threats beyond your organization and the impact of the threats you face, including your ability to block and remediate today and on day zero.

Proactive Security

Security posture assessments paired with an understanding of how like-sized companies within your industry defend themselves allows for prioritization of future projects.

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