McAfee 致力于保护您的安全,并提供各种免费 McAfee 工具来帮助您加强安全保护。选择工具即可免费下载。有关更多详细信息,请参阅 McAfee 软件免费工具最终用户许可协议



Pinkslipbot Detection

A system previously infected with W32/Pinkslipbot (Qakbot/QBot) may still be serving as a control server proxy for the malware. This tool detects and removes port-forwarding that is specific to Pinkslipbot.

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Steganography Analysis Tool

Attacks using steganography could be poisoning your media traffic with serious consequences.

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EZ Tool Series of Utilities

The EZ Tool Series of Utilities includes updates that correspond with MDE product releases and engage support for assistance and feedback on tools prior to their release dates. This series also assists in troubleshooting and data recovery for McAfee Drive Encryption.

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企业如果不在每个级别确定安全优先级,将会造成大量损失。 当前,要保护的数据日益增多,面临的网络威胁也不断出现,每个人必须在构建安全文化方面发挥重要作用。 这里提供了一些工具和资源,可帮助在您的整个企业中树立“安全第一”的理念。