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McAfee Labs 威脅報告:2018 年 9 月






閱讀最新的安全性威脅深入研究報告,取得 McAfee 安全性專家的深度見解,並瞭解漏洞所在以及如何保護自己的企業,以避免惡意程式、網路犯罪或其他網路安全威脅的侵襲。



威脅中心是 McAfee 的網路威脅資訊中心。 在威脅中心,您可以透過我們持續整理的威脅態勢儀表板,瞭解最大的網路安全威脅與漏洞資訊;也能搜尋 McAfee GTI 資料庫,取得已知安全性威脅資訊;或是閱讀深入的威脅研究報告,詳細瞭解重要的攻擊事件,同時掌握防禦這些攻擊的方法;另外還能存取多種免費安全性工具,以及提供威脅回應。

身陷被駭危機? 第 3 季

我們獲獎肯定的廣播節目可以回答「可能被駭嗎?」這個問題。歡迎收聽全新一季的內容,瞭解在不知情狀況下可能遭駭的風險所在,例如感應磁扣、網路攝影機和公共場所的 Wi-Fi 等。


瞭解當今最大的網路安全威脅。 我們的威脅研究團隊已找到這些安全性威脅並加以分析,得知這些是現今影響最大的威脅。 威脅類型包含網路安全威脅、資訊安全威脅等。 您可以按一下特定威脅以瞭解保護企業的最佳方式。

This exploit kit was discovered in August 2018 and takes advantage of flaws in Adobe Flash Player and Microsoft Windows. A successful infection will allow the attacker to download additional malware onto the victim's computer.

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This campaign reuses a portion of code from the Seasalt implant (circa 2010) that is linked to the Chinese hacking group Comment Crew. Oceansalt appears to have been part of an operation targeting South Korea, the United States, and Canada in a well-focused attack.

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This exploit kit is used to create malicious Microsoft Office documents in an attempt to exploit a range of Microsoft vulnerabilities. The builder is sold on the Dark Web and has been used to infect victims with various malware including FormBook, Loki Bot, Trickbot, and Chthonic.

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This ransomware uses AES encryption and adds various extensions to infected files. In November 2017 it was discovered that the Necurs botnet was used to spread the malicious software. Multiple variants of the ransomware continue to appear on the threat landscape.

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This ransomware appends random extensions to encrypted files and directs the victim to an HTML file for instructions on how to decrypt infected files. The threat actor demands $800 in either bitcoin or DASH for the decryption key. GandCrab 5 also scans network shares and mapped drives to find files to encrypt. The threat actors behind the ransomware use a variety of infection vectors including PowerShell, botnets, exploit kits, Trojanized programs, spear phishing, and remote desktop.

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McAfee 威脅研究團隊

團隊中有超過 250 位來自世界各地的研究員,持續分析可疑目標和行為,以設法找出惡意威脅和漏洞。 他們的研究成果正是 McAfee 之所以能提供即時威脅情報、關鍵分析及專業思維,並藉此保護客戶系統和網路的重要基石。

McAfee Labs Advanced Threat Research 團隊


McAfee 可為您提供威脅偵測、解密及惡意程式移除工具,而且是免費提供。


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