McAfee Application Control Solution Tested for Compatibility by Siemens-Division Industry Automation

McAfee Whitelisting Solution to Protect against Advanced Persistent Threats like Stuxnet

HANNOVER, Germany - April 13 - McAfee today announced the next level of security protection when it comes to defending against Advanced Persistent Threats targeting the manufacturing and process industry, including critical national infrastructure. Against a backdrop of global threats such as Operation Aurora, Stuxnet and Night Dragon, enterprises need a way to protect their critical systems. After intensive testing, Siemens-Division Industry Automation has proven compatible with McAfee® Application Control solution to defend against such attacks.

“McAfee is pleased to partner with Siemens-Division Industry Automation to extend its industry-leading whitelisting solution to help secure the world’s critical infrastructures,” said Stuart McClure, senior vice president and general manager of Risk and Compliance, McAfee. “By implementing McAfee Application Control, Siemens-Division Industry Automation customers can begin to gain control of all software on their endpoints and servers directly from the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator platform. McAfee Application Control maintains the integrity of endpoints and servers, giving enterprises the foundational layer of security that is needed to prevent disruptive software, advanced persistent threats and zero-day malware attacks.”

Unlike simple whitelisting, McAfee Application Control uses a dynamic trust model, which eliminates the need for tedious manual updates to approved lists. As enterprises face an avalanche of unknown software from the web & unauthorized physical access, this centrally-managed solution adds a timely control to our joint customer security strategy, attuned to the operational needs of enterprises.

“A solid security solution touches three domains: people, process and technology,” said Tino Hildebrand, Head of Marketing and Promotion Simatic HMI, Siemens-Division Industry Automation. “McAfee Application Control for Siemens-Division Industry Automation is a significant step towards increased security at the product layer.”

“At the start of a project you have to design security into the solution, you have to raise awareness of all people responsible for the project and later operating the site. In addition, you have to take care of standard operation procedures to cover all relevant aspects. The security architecture has to be built with several layers of defense. McAfee Application Control for Siemens-Division Industry Automation is the cornerstone of this security concept,” he continued.

McAfee Application Control for Siemens-Division Industry Automation is available now from McAfee and its partners. This new offering extends the existing whitelisting coverage of legacy platforms (Windows NT, Windows 2000), current Microsoft Server and Workstation Operating Systems, Linux and Unix environments, embedded technologies such as ATMs and Point-of-Sale to the Manufacturing, Processing and Critical National Infrastructure Sector.

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