McAfee and Brocade Announce Results of Data Center Security Study

Network World Survey Highlights Challenges for Application and Network Security

Santa Clara, Calif., 31 de mayo de 2011 - McAfee today announced the results of a commissioned study conducted by Network World on behalf of McAfee and Brocade. The study, which surveyed 100 IT professionals and security decision makers in North American companies with 500 or more employees, found that IT departments are now turning to virtualization, with half of the respondents having either implemented, or planning to deploy private clouds.

Yet, as organizations continue to progress down the path of implementing virtualization and cloud computing, they are facing inherent challenges that arise when applications are decoupled from the physical resources they rely on, introducing new obstacles such as traffic bottlenecks, inconsistent network policies and security loopholes.

The survey shows that 62 percent of respondents are planning or engaged in data center upgrades, many due to increased use of virtualization. Additionally, 29 percent of the respondents report that scaling server virtualization is a concern, and 32 percent report that bandwidth and traffic engineering are pressing issues. The results show that virtualization comes at a cost and that traditional networking architectures are not always best-suited to handle the demands of a virtualized environment Application security can fail when subjected to data center-wide server virtualization and application mobility.

“Companies investing in full scale virtualization are now running into network and security challenges,” said Rees Johnson, senior vice president and general manager for network security at McAfee. “Existing data centers have to be upgraded for the stringent demands of virtualization. Brocade and McAfee have partnered to address the key roadblocks for data center virtualization, providing new ways to ensure agility and efficiency in the network while providing comprehensive security services.”

Virtualization Introduces Unique Security Challenges:
Respondents view targeted attacks and security breaches as the biggest threats to the next-generation data center. When asked to rate security challenges, 77 percent rate threat protection (i.e., intrusion prevention) as critical or important while 26 percent view targeted attacks and 24 percent think security breaches are their biggest concerns. However, although half are relying on the same security model for virtualization they used with physical servers, 18 percent have not decided this is the best approach when securing virtual servers.

“Virtualization, especially in the context of private clouds, introduces unique operational and security challenges,” said Johnson. “The ability to move virtual machines is essential to creating flexible virtual data centers, yet this same flexibility introduces operational complexity and makes it much more difficult to maintain traditional trust boundaries.”

In the survey, 40 percent of respondents said that moving virtual machines is challenging because it introduces operational complexity, and 25 percent indicated a concern with securing trust boundaries.

Brocade and McAfee Address the Problem
Both private and public cloud computing architectures rely on the virtualized data center to deliver increased business agility and scale. However, as the survey illustrates, the virtual data center has created a new set of challenges for application security and networking design. To address this, Brocade developed Brocade VDX 6720 Data Center Switches, which feature Brocade Virtual Cluster Switching (VCS) technology, that create a true Ethernet fabric, delivering large, flat Layer 2 networks without the need for Spanning Tree Protocol. Working in conjunction with Brocade, McAfee has developed a set of solutions designed to work seamlessly with VDX to deliver comprehensive, virtualization-aware network security capabilities.

McAfee has combined industry-leading security capabilities with Brocade’s cloud-optimized networking solutions to form cohesive, automated and cost-effective network security offerings for next generation data centers. In addition, Brocade and McAfee continue to broaden and enhance a portfolio of offerings that seamlessly blend network innovations and security management to address the challenges of both physical and virtual environments, thereby helping customers overcome critical network security challenges.

About McAfee
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