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El nivel de adopción de la nube y su seguridad

La seguridad y el cumplimiento de normativas son más relevantes que nunca. Vea cómo profesionales de seguridad de TI de todo el mundo han planificado la protección de sus nubes.

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Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning: A Prescriptive and Proactive Approach to Security

Overwhelmed by the immense volume of security intelligence and alerts, human analysts need machine learning to augment and accelerate their efforts. Machine learning expands the scope of security analytics from diagnostic and descriptive to prescriptive and proactive, which leads to faster and more accurate detection and improved capabilities to act on threat intelligence today and in the future.

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Ericom Shield and McAfee Web Gateway

The integration of Ericom Shield with McAfee Web Gateway enables web content to be proactively redirected to Ericom Shield for secure browsing outside the corporate network, adding a layer of protection for endpoints and internal assets.

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Together We Can: How an Open Ecosystem Strengthens Cybersecurity

Lab-tested and certified McAfee Security Innovation Alliance partner solutions are integrated with our solutions for unified workflows and centralized management. OpenDXL allows security operations to onboard and integrate new capabilities from multiple vendors and reduce required training.

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Eliminate Alert Overload and Automate Incident Response (Siemplify)

Security orchestration and automation from Siemplify helps security teams derive even more benefit from their McAfee Enterprise Security Manager investment by streamlining alerts, automating repetitive security operations processes, and speeding up incident response.

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McAfee Cloud Workload Security Data Sheet

Cloud Workload Security data sheet outlining primary capabilities, features, benefits, and packaging.

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Infoblox and McAfee for Unified Security

The integrated solution from Infoblox and McAfee provides visibility into DNS and web traffic, plugs the DNS security gap in organizations, and automates data sharing between Infoblox DNS, DHCP, IPAM, (DDI) and McAfee product suites.


Definitive Guide to Azure Security

Learn about the current state of Azure adoption, Microsoft’s model for Azure security, security challenges and threats to applications and data in Azure, and Azure infrastructure security best practices.

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Embedded Whitelisting Maximizes Productivity and Minimizes Risk AMADA Group

By using McAfee Embedded Control in its factory automation tools and other offerings, AMADA helps its customers protect their IoT manufacturing environments and operational technology networks with minimal overhead or performance impact.

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Gaining Advanced Analytic Insights into Your Network Solution Brief

Leveraging the power of SAS Cybersecurity with the integrative capabilities of DXL from McAfee, organizations gain a new security perspective on the devices connecting to their networks and stay one step ahead of emerging threats.

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McAfee Enhanced Success Plan

The McAfee Enhanced Success Plan helps growing enterprises achieve their security objectives with a set of integrated services that help them plan and maintain their McAfee solutions, reduce security risk, and derive full value from their investments.

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McAfee Identity Theft Protection

McAfee Identity Theft Protection

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McAfee Network Security Platform (NS series) Specifications Sheet

Technical specifications of the McAfee Network Security Platform.

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Data Loss Prevention Best Practices for Healthcare

Sound DLP strategies and the right mix of security technology capabilities can go a long way toward ensuring the secure handling of patient data and enabling organizations to pass rigorous Office of Civil Rights audits easily and reliably.

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Beyond GDPR: Financial Services Executive Summary

This executive summary examines the survey responses from the 200 respondents in the financial services sector to better understand the factors driving their data decision-making and how they currently approach data management, protection, and residency.


Beyond GDPR: Healthcare Executive Summary

This executive summary examines the survey responses from the 200 respondents in the private healthcare sector to better understand the factors driving their data decision-making and how they currently approach data management, protection, and residency.


Navigating a Cloudy Sky

Report: 97% of organizations around the world use cloud technology. McAfee conducted an annual study surveying 1,400 IT decision makers across 11 countries to uncover the how the cloud is being used today and what security challenges organization’s face.


Navigating a Cloudy Sky: Practical Guidance and the State of Cloud Security

This report covers the survey results of 1,400 IT decision makers who use public and private cloud services, representing a broad range of industries and 11 countries.

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Williams, a Fortune 500 energy infrastructure company, leverages McAfee CASB technology to ensure enterprise-wide compliance, reduce risk, and rein in Shadow IT.

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Molina Healthcare Relies on McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud for Visibility and Control

Fortune 500 healthcare organization leverages McAfee Skyhigh Security Cloud to securely enable and centrally manage cloud services and applications.

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