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Closing the Cybersecurity Gaps in Financial Services (English)

In a survey conducted by Ovum, financial institutions, including retail and investment banks across North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific share their concerns around the cloud, web, and the ability to detect threats faster.

Top 10: Connect to the Cloud for Security Solution Brief (English)

Changing work habits mean that security needs to be everywhere. Find out how it can work for you, automating manual steps that your team down before. This list of top 10 security challenges can be improved by connecting your endpoints to the cloud.

Automate Full Security Operation Management Lifecycle

The integration of Demisto Enterprise Platform, McAfee Enterprise Security Manager, and McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator results in an enterprise-grade solution to manage and automate incident investigation and remediation tasks.

Real-Time Network Visibility for Comprehensive Endpoint Detection and Response

McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator software and Lumeta Spectre together provide IT with the real-time visibility required to identify, manage, and respond to endpoint security issues and threats across dynamic cloud, virtual, mobile, and physical networks.

McAfee Labs Quarterly Threat Report June 2017 (English)

McAfee Labs researchers examine the most powerful malware evasion techniques past, present, and future; the use of digital steganography in malware; and Fareit, the most famous password stealer.
Temas: McAfee Labs

Comprehensive Web and Application Security for Mobile Devices

McAfee and MobileIron deliver an integrated solution that extends web protection to mobile devices, to ensure that users are complying with corporate internet policies, even when they’re using smartphones and tablets.

Protecting Against Evasive Malware (English)

Recommended policies and procedures and how McAfee solutions can combat the most evasive modern threats.
Temas: McAfee Labs

Rapid7 (English)

Rapid7 Nexpose integrates vulnerability management data and risk into the McAfee ePO console and McAfee Data Exchange Layer.

Protecting Against Steganographic Threats (English)

Recommended policies and procedures and how McAfee solutions can protect against steganographic code in malware attacks.
Temas: McAfee Labs

Protecting Against Password Stealers (English)

Recommended policies and procedures and how McAfee solutions can protect systems and networks from password stealers.
Temas: McAfee Labs