New Stonesoft NGFW 5.6 Update Introduces API and Enhanced Virtualization Support

Stonesoft Press Release, Helsinki, Finland, 8 novembre 2013 - The cyber security expert Stonesoft, A McAfee Group Company, releases version 5.6 of its visionary Next Generation Firewall (NGFW). The release enables straightforward integration between the Stonesoft Security Management Center and 3rd party management systems as well as expands the virtual engine support to all available network security roles of Stonesoft NGFW.

API for Security Management Center
Stonesoft Security Management Center (SMC) plays a central role in Stonesoft NGFW by managing and automating network security operations and enabling networks to scale in a cost-efficient manner. The new version 5.6 of Stonesoft NGFW makes the overall management process optimal in environments containing security elements from multiple vendors, where complete visibility and control are often a challenge. Stonesoft NGFW’s new API enables a straightforward integration with any 3rd party operational tools, such as policy management systems. Version 5.6’s SMC API is part of the standard release and therefore doesn’t require separate or new licensing.

"Comprehensive management integrations between vendors are often complex but imperative when optimizing management workflows. Stonesoft NGFW’s new SMC API enables our customers to enhance their operational processes and adapt to various environments” says Antti Kuvaja, Director, Product Management, Stonesoft, A McAfee Group Company.

The new release also further enhances virtualization support. Version 5.6 of Stonesoft NGFW allows one physical appliance to be shared by up to 250 independent virtual network security devices. These virtual devices can be configured to take a Firewall/VPN, Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) or Layer 2 Firewall (L2FW) role. Extended support for virtual devices improves flexibility and control of total cost of ownership, especially among managed services providers (MSPs) and large corporations whose service mix and installation size is large.

Version 5.6 of Stonesoft NGFW, including the unified software core and Security Management Center, is available in November 2013.


About Stonesoft, a McAfee Group Company
Stonesoft protects valuable information and digital assets through integrated and centrally managed next generation firewall/VPN, intrusion and evasion prevention system technologies. Stonesoft’s product portfolio provides organizations the highest level of cyber security, investment protection, operational resilience, situational awareness, centralized command and control and resource optimization. Stonesoft's unified software core enables an adaptive and agile advantage, as well as cost efficiency over hardware- and blade-based competitors.  Stonesoft has the highest customer retention rate in the industry due to low TCO, a flexible licensing model and overall customer service excellence. Stonesoft is widely recognized for its research of advanced evasion techniques (AETs) used in targeted cyber attacks. Leading independent test labs and analysts rank its products high in NGFW features, AET protection and manageability. Founded in 1990 and acquired by McAfee in 2013, Stonesoft is part of McAfee's Security Connected approach creating the world’s most comprehensive security offering.