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Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning: A Prescriptive and Proactive Approach to Security (English)

Overwhelmed by the immense volume of security intelligence and alerts, human analysts need machine learning to augment and accelerate their efforts. Machine learning expands the scope of security analytics from diagnostic and descriptive to prescriptive and proactive, which leads to faster and more accurate detection and improved capabilities to act on threat intelligence today and in the future.

Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky Global views from the IT C-Suite (English)

CIOs and CISOs are leading the way to cloud adoption. Trust in public cloud outweighs their trust in private cloud and most have a adopted a Cloud First stance with their application and service deployments. This executive summary dives into the CIO/CISO perspectives as compared to IT staff gathered from the Building Trust in a Cloudy Sky report.

No Signature Required: The Power of Emulation in Preventing Malware (English)

This white paper discusses the flagship McAfee Gateway Anti-Malware technology, how it adapts to new threats, and sets the stage to protect against future threats with a modular design that allows for the easy addition of components for maximum flexibility.

OpenDXL Idea Book

This guide provides multiple use cases for OpenDXL integrations, complete with technical details, to inspire more developers and organizations to come up with new applications for this powerful and versatile technology.

Securosis Report: Security Analytics Team of Rivals (English)

As new security analytics technologies appear, learn how these technologies can work together for you.

SIEM Orchestration (English)

How McAfee Enterprise Security Manager drives action, automates remediation, and optimizes incident response

Threat Visibility and the Zero-Trust Virtual Data Center (English)

This paper explores the benefits of zero-trust networking strategies in a VMware SDDC, and how both McAfee Network Security Platform and the Intel Security Controller can help make zero-trust networking practical.

Automation and Analytics versus the Chaos of Cybersecurity Operations (English)

Learn what high performing security organizations are doing to make measurable improvements in their cybersecurity analytics and operations architecture.

Petroleum Refiner Overhauls Security Infrastructure (HollyFrontier) (English)

A petroleum refiner updated its security infrastructure with integrated McAfee solutions, transforming its ability to defend against cyberthreats and benefitting from simplified management, stronger protection, and faster detection and correction.

5 Tips to Help Protect Your Data (English)

With the number of breaches continuing to grow year after year, cyberattacks seem to be an ongoing fact of modern life. Risk is everywhere and the key is managing it. So the next step is to act on this information, specifically to move from passive monitoring to more protective blocking of sensitive and confidential data. We have identified five tips, based on real-world deployments and experience, that will enhance your data loss prevention (DLP) implementation.