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Neutralize Advanced Threats

Each month brings new media coverage of a targeted attack against a business, government, or critical infrastructure operator previously considered “invulnerable.” As more organizations encounter advance malware issues - the cost, disruption, and public humiliation of data breaches and targeted attacks become an executive-level discussion. Comprehensive threat protection requires coordination of anti-malware technologies deployed with sensitivity to performance and risk.
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Protect Critical Infrastructure

Securing critical infrastructure requires protecting multiple zones, including enterprise IT, SCADA, and industrial control systems (ICS), to meet compliance regulations and ensure continuous system availability. The Security Connected framework from McAfee enables you to establish a robust security posture with integrated solutions that protect endpoint, network, and data across IT, SCADA, and ICS — without impacting system availability.
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Operationalize Intelligence-Driven Response

Learn about the three frameworks required for intelligence-driven response to be effective — decision, detection, and analysis.
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Protection des bases de données

L‘approche de McAfee en terme de sécurisation des bases de données surveille l'activité et les changements au niveau des bases de données, propose des outils d‘audit protégés, autorise l'application de patchs virtuels pour éviter les indisponibilités et procure des modèles pour la mise en conformité et le respect des réglementations.
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