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Infographic: How Confident Are Online Consumers?

Do you think twice before entering your credit card information or other personal data on a website? Although shopping online is commonplace, with more consumers even making purchases on the go directly from smartphones and tablets, uncertainly about the security of websites continues to flourish. These concerns aren’t unfounded — all types of online merchants have been the targets of data breach attacks, potentially exposing customer credit card numbers and other personal data and financial records to cybercriminals.

For online merchants, it’s important to be aware how consumer concerns can directly impact the bottom line. This infographic looks at consumer attitudes toward shopping online and outlines how a security breach or simply the lack of a visible security policy or other safety indicator can change the consumer’s decision to do business on that website.

While skipping security can come at a big cost, with wary consumers avoiding a website or even abandoning a purchase if a security red flag is raised, security trustmarks can increase consumer confidence. Trustmarks, living icons that signify that a website is secure, give consumers peace of mind, directly improving sales conversions. But not all trustmarks are created equal — this infographic also provides tips on how to spot a fake.

To learn more about the McAfee trustmark, visit McAfee SECURE.

Infographic: How Confident Are Online Consumers?