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Security Is a Team Sport

Is your cybersecurity stifling your organization's potential?

Many companies are trapped in the past.

Legacy systems, patchwork products, and fragmented cyber environments are holding organizations back from achieving maximum productivity, while also inviting attacks from over 400,000 new cyberthreats a day.

Successful companies are adopting an integrated approach.

Forward-thinking organizations are realizing that there’s no one product or vendor that can help them fight cybercrime. They’re starting to build manual solutions that integrate multiple security technologies together. But without a robust orchestration platform, it becomes even more challenging to implement and manage.

We help you turn cybersecurity into a business advantage

Our approach optimizes your cybersecurity.

At McAfee, we've embraced a different perspective to solving one of the biggest challenges of our era. We've developed a holistic approach that integrates all your products to collaborate seamlessly, enables automation between technologies, and allows you to orchestrate a safer environment via a unified management system that works for you, not against you. So your workforce leaps forward in productivity and your business surges ahead confidently.


Your business is complex. Your security shouldn't be.

No one person, product, or organization can fight cybercrime alone, but that doesn’t mean your security has to be complex. Our open integration fabric allows technologies to become part of the greater whole, regardless of their underlying architecture. The result is a unified management system that streamlines workflows, consolidates technology sprawl, optimizes manpower, and reduces the cost of doing business.

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Cybercriminals are fast. You need to be faster.

Our award-winning solutions are designed to work together seamlessly right from the start. With pre-integration baked in, your advanced countermeasures are transformed into a cohesive system that defends and adapts to threats immediately and collectively—at machine speed. And speed is your currency. As cyber defenses become less effective over time, as illustrated by Grobman’s Curve, it is critical for you to deploy new security technologies as quickly as possible, with the least amount of effort. An integrated platform approach makes that possible.

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It’s like a symphony. Individual musicians working as one.

Our holistic approach results in products that communicate with each other when a new threat is detected, where management tools work for you instead of against, and where human and machine intelligence merge. When your valuable staff are removed from the tedium of manual process, they become strategically elevated and less fatigued. So they can make better decisions, take quicker actions, and defend more effectively.

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Everything and everybody working together

Our tagline is "Together is power" and we live it every day

If there's one thing we've learned after decades of cybersecurity experience, it's that no one person, product, or organization can fight cybercrime alone. We believe in the power of working together.

People working together

By all of us working together within our organization, and with our partners and clients, we can arrive at ideas and solutions that are truly intelligent and comprehensive.

Technologies working together

By building products that not only work well with each other but also with other vendors’ products, we can help you orchestrate a safer environment with security that’s truly integrated. So protection, detection, and correction of threats happen collaboratively and instantaneously.

Organizations working together

By working together with other security organizations, sharing threat information, and creating open protocols that allow multiple organizations to learn from each other, we unearth smarter ways to protect you every day.

Only by working together, can all of us become stronger.

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