2016 SANS Incident Response Survey

Learn about the current state of incident response in this survey report from the SANS Institute.

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The Changing Landscape of Incident Response Capabilities in 2016

The attacker’s landscape has changed yet again. What was once an era of advanced attackers seeking to gain access into an environment has been transformed by attackers who, for example, quickly access global hotel chains to pilfer millions of credit card numbers.

Incident responders present an unusual challenge to an organization because they can measure success by many metrics. One of these measures is how quickly the organization can detect, isolate, and remediate infections in the environment. The longer an attacker has access to an environment, the more damage can be done.

The 2016 SANS Incident Response Survey found that 29% of respondents report a remediation time of two to seven days. A lack of skilled personnel is aggravating the problem, as 65% of respondents reported the lack of personnel was impeding their ability to respond to incidents.

The 2016 SANS Incident Response Survey discusses the following key topics:

  • The state of the current threat landscape.
  • The underlying cause of security breaches.
  • What types of data are exfiltrated.
  • The maturity of incident response programs.
  • The tools and processes used for effective incident response.
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