McAfee Security Connected Webcast Series

McAfee Security Innovation Alliance partners deliver joint solutions that address the customers' most critical needs. This expanded portfolio of solutions is part of an integrated security system which helps protect, detect, and correct threats faster and more effectively than any single solution.

In this webcast series, you will learn how security ISVs work with McAfee to help customers maximize current investments, lower operational costs, and reduce time to resolution. Each webcast highlights the unique key aspects and value of a “McAfee Compatible” McAfee partner’s joint solution.

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TitleDescriptionLive/On Demand*
How UBA and Machine Learning Can Turbocharge SIEM
McAfee, 451 Group, and Niara
With the introduction of big data scale, machine learning-based analytics, and instantly-accessible forensic data, network and user behavior analytics is a terrific complement to SIEM. Learn how these new capabilities can be seamlessly introduced to SIEM. Register
Six Pillars of an Effective Endpoint Security Strategy
McAfee, Forrester, and Avecto
Discover core endpoint security needs critical to an enterprise security strategy along with practical advice on how to build a smart and simple strategy that fits with your existing McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator infrastructure. Register
Vormetric and EMA Present: The Data Security Offense Playbook
McAfee, EMA, and Vormetric
Learn how to deploy effective security that leverages and works in conjunction with your existing environment and provides a great user experience for IT and the business. Register
Database Security: Don’t Forget to Lock the Back Door
McAfee and Vormetric
Vormetric has partnered with McAfee to integrate with McAfee Database Activity Monitoring and McAfee Enterprise Security Manager to extend data-security coverage. Vormetric adds another layer of security to McAfee Database Activity Monitoring by preventing unauthorized users and processes from accessing or viewing the database files through transparent encryption. Register
User-Driven Classification: Adding a New Dimension to McAfee DLP
McAfee and Boldon James
The combination of Boldon James Classifier and McAfee DLP reduces the likelihood of data loss by providing the DLP solution with predictable, meaningful classification metadata that greatly improves the reliability of decision making, system effectiveness, and reduces false positives. Register
Accelerating Incident Response and Breach
McAfee and Guidance Software's EnCase
In today’s post-breach world, organizations need technology aligned with new strategies to accelerate and automate incident response and breach investigation workflows to reduce mean time to resolution. Register
Virtualize More While Improving Your Risk Posture from Bare Metal to Endpoint
McAfee and HyTrust
Gain insights into the virtualization security landscape, and understand how McAfee, Intel, and HyTrust can help you scale your VMware infrastructure while staying compliant and secure. Register
Target and Eliminate Privileged Account Security Threats
McAfee and Lieberman Software
Learn how McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator and Lieberman Software provide a model in which sensitive logins are controlled and passwords automatically revoked immediately after delegated IT personnel complete their work. Register
Protecting Against IP Theft –- Fighting an Effective Battle
McAfee and Securonix
Learn how using data loss prevention technologies and a powerful layer of in-context intelligence provide real-time detection of theft by leveraging behavioral profiling and accurate comparative algorithms. Register
Privileged Identity Management: Combine McAfee Security with Privileged User Access Control and Activity Monitoring
McAfee and Cyber-Ark
Learn how McAfee and Cyber-Ark work together to manage and continuously monitor privileged account usage across IT environments. Register
Understand the Business Impact of Endpoint Risk
McAfee and WCK
Learn how McAfee and WCK can help you gain business visibility into your risk and compliance and prioritize remediation efforts based on business criticality. Register