Application Security

Secure applications and services delivered in the data center

Expand visibility and real-time monitoring for applications and databases

Application Security Products

McAfee application and database security solutions protect your business-critical applications in the data center—without downtime—through real-time monitoring and automation that simplify management and threat resolution. Minimize risks with application security that goes beyond anti-spam and malware protection. Ensure comprehensive web security and control, and deploy the solution on site, through the cloud, or via a hybrid combination.

McAfee Application Control

Block unauthorized applications and code on servers, corporate desktops, and fixed-function devices. This centrally managed whitelisting solution uses a dynamic trust model and innovative security features that thwart advanced persistent threats—without requiring signature updates or labor-intensive list management.

McAfee Security for Email Servers

Detect and block viruses, spam, and other unwanted programs on inbound and outbound emails on Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino servers.

McAfee Security for Microsoft SharePoint

Ensure that your corporate SharePoint deployment does not spread malware, store inappropriate content, or lead to data loss. Detect, clean, and remove malware and banned or inappropriate content stored in your SharePoint workspace.

McAfee Web Protection

Get best-in-class threat protection to operate online and adopt cloud-based services with confidence. Opt for the performance of an onsite solution with McAfee Web Gateway, the freedom of protection everywhere with McAfee Web Gateway Cloud Service, or a hybrid combination of the two.