McAfee Investigator

Transform security analysts into expert investigators

Expert-driven security analytics

McAfee Investigator guides analysts to the right insights to fully and quickly validate and resolve threats.

Discover critical intelligence automatically

Collect, organize, summarize, and visualize case-specific evidence to make accurate triage decisions faster. Data can come from various sources, including endpoint and SIEM solutions, replacing silos with visibility into indicators of compromise (IOCs), tactics, techniques, procedures, and relationships.

Guide adaptive workflows

Experts and machine learning continually enhance guidebooks that focus analysts on what is important as they scope and assess. The system mimics the human brain, exploring many hypotheses in parallel for maximum speed and accuracy.

Build investigative skill and collaboration

An interactive workspace coaches novice and intermediate analysts to implement the thought processes of advanced analysts, building skills without separate training. It also activates case workflows to simplify access, recording, sharing, and updating of cases across teams.

Optimize incident investigation effectiveness

Shift from alerts to cases

Reduce manual and low-priority investigation workload by advancing triage from alert reviews to contextual cases. Relevant data is collected and prioritized automatically, increasing the speed with which analysts can determine risk and urgency.

Focus on the unknown

A data analytics and machine learning engine processes artifacts and elevates key suspicious insights by comparing evidence data against known baselines and threat intelligence sources. This approach reduces the expertise and time needed to understand and filter a multitude of threat signals.

Reduce analyst burnout

Workflows and an integrated workspace help analysts stay in one cognitive environment, instead of toggling through multiple screens. McAfee Investigator also replaces manual collection, manipulation, and communication with automation so analysts make the best use of time.

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