Incident Response

Faster threat response that gets better over time

Incident Response Solutions

Gain a sustainable advantage against advanced and targeted attacks by adapting incident response to match the attack chain and feed findings back in for continuous improvement. With incident response solutions from McAfee, you reduce the risk and impact of data breaches and attacks by factoring real-time context into security controls, analytics, and intelligence in a continuous incident response program.

Applying Indicators of Attack

Disrupt advanced and targeted cyberattacks by collecting, interpreting, and applying subtle clues throughout an attack chain. More than raw data, organizational and situational context enrich other forms of intelligence to create indicators of attack. Harness these warnings to reveal suspicious events to stop attacks before they succeed.

Continuous Incident Response

Improve detection to reduce events, noise, and false positives so you can identify the true indicators of attack and prevent a data breach. Contextualize data to guide action, and optimize intelligence, analytics, and controls to help your protection get stronger over time.

Comprehensive Threat Protection

Leverage an orchestrated approach to block attacks from entering through endpoints, web, email, and network systems, and spreading from compromised hosts. Easily integrate and manage real-time, context-aware, multi-engine defenses as an end-to-end system to neutralize suspicious files or behaviors at the forefront of attacks.