Managing Change

Control change in your IT environment


Manage security & risk

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Minimize the impact of changes in your IT environment

Managing change is a constant battle when dealing with multiple operating systems, networks, servers, desktops, laptops, users, applications, and databases. Risk management solutions from McAfee not only handle the change that is inherent in your environment, but also guide patch management and policy enforcement efforts, minimizing the impact change has on your operations. Through continuous monitoring and management, you can automatically incorporate beneficial changes while preventing disruptive changes.

Manage and enforce change policies

Reduce risks from unauthorized applications

Minimize risks from unintentionally introduced software that installs malware, creates support issues, and violates software licenses by allowing only trusted applications to run on endpoints and servers.

Enforce change policy and processes

Ensure that only in-process changes are allowed by proactively blocking out-of-process and unwanted changes to systems before they occur.

Reduce operational costs

Prevent unauthorized or inappropriate changes, and reduce the manual effort to track and account for changes made to systems, limiting outages, security breaches, and compliance violations.

Automate audits and configuration assessments

Get up-to-date data, powerful dashboards and reports, and built-in waiver management to simplify every step of your audit and configuration process.

Meet and sustain PCI DSS compliance

Get continuous information about change events to comply with PCI DSS requirements. Automate compliance activities with an integrated, agent-based and agentless solution for patch assessment, reporting, and risk analysis.

Continuous diagnostics & mitigation

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Risk and compliance solutions from McAfee deliver application whitelisting and change management controls.

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