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Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense

Evolve and streamline your endpoint security

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Combat Emerging Threats and Simplify Operations

McAfee offers a new generation of security capabilities designed to combat the most evasive modern threats with our dynamic endpoint threat defense solution. Stop more threats before they reach the endpoint using inline file emulation to inspect the actual behavior of internet code and files. Draw on powerful machine learning analysis and application containment tools at the endpoint to unmask advanced threats and stop them in their tracks. Expose the unknown in seconds by tracing process behavior and reducing dwell-times with real-time visibility, live investigations and timelines, and single-click correction. Only McAfee offers a truly integrated solution that unifies security components, automates threat communication, and streamlines workflows to protect, detect, and correct and simplify security against emerging threats.

Drive Faster Threat Detection & Response

Outsmart attackers with integrated threat defense

Contain and eradicate threats across all points of attack with a collaborative set of capabilities.

Gain immediate visibility and threat tracing

Expose threats that are hiding in your environment with real-time investigation tools and single-click correction.

Increase capacity and reduce complexity

Resolve more threats faster with broad visibility, unified workflows, and action in a single view.

Dynamic Endpoint Threat Defense Solution

With our dynamic endpoint threat defense solution, organizations can combat emerging threats, defeat the unknown, and radically simplify security operations. New capabilities provide patient zero protection and stay ahead of advanced, persistent threats with machine learning analytics. Further enhancements include the integrated McAfee Web Gateway to catch threats early, trace process behavior, and use single-click correction to quickly discover and remediate threats that may have evaded defenses. The solution also includes:

Endpoint Threat Protection

Protect your endpoints with integrated defenses that collaborate with each other to take action and share threat insights to efficiently combat future threats. Machine learning classification and behavioral modeling stops most advanced attacks.
McAfee Endpoint Security

Detection and Response

Combine next generation protection capabilities with the ability to hunt and respond to threats on endpoints anywhere in the environment—whether they’re actively propagating, lying in wait, or covering their tracks to avoid detection.
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defense and Response

Advanced Threat Defense

Detonate unknown files and applications in a safe environment to expose hidden threats, and instantly adapt the environment to protect against them.
McAfee Advanced Threat Defense

Centralized Security Management

Break down silos between disparate security tools by using a single dashboard for all endpoint defense components, as well as third-party products from multiple vendors.
McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator

Threat Intelligence

Combine comprehensive threat intelligence and organization-wide context to pinpoint where threats are attempting to establish a foothold and close the exposure gap from days to milliseconds.
McAfee Threat Intelligence Exchange

Web Protection

Use inline file emulation to unmask advanced, previously unknown threats hidden in internet traffic—in milliseconds, without signatures. Prevent 99.5% of zero-day malware in internet traffic from reaching endpoints.
McAfee Web Protection


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Simplify your security operations by using a single security management console and integrated advanced threat defenses.

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Combat evasive modern threats with powerful behavioral, machine learning analysis, and application containment tools.

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