Risk Visibility

Widen your security view to improve risk management


Manage security & risk

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Continuously manage risk through real-time metrics

Balance risk with the right amount of security at the right cost. Risk management solutions from McAfee help identify and assess risk, quantify the problem, and then guide you toward the appropriate and immediate action based on that targeted knowledge.

By consolidating security management to a central platform, you become more efficient and get complete visibility into your risk posture while reducing the headaches, complexity, and expense of managing IT risk.

A more complete picture of your risks

Focus on the most relevant risks

Gain immediate insight on where to focus your security efforts. Reduce the volume of alerts to only critical threats, and minimize the amount of time to analyze and respond to attacks.

Save time and enhance accuracy with automated management

Avoid time-consuming fire drills and ad hoc processes, eliminate errors, and protect more systems with automated monitoring and management of scanning, remediation, enforcement, and reporting.

Enjoy simplified, centralized risk reporting

Improve data gathering and reporting with standardized templates that compile data across all your systems. Customize reports to suit management, executives, and board members.

Stay compliant with regulations

Leverage our status as a certified Qualified Security Assessor (QSA) for a measured approach to compliance that helps you understand and prioritize your information risks.

Avoid patch panic

Know exactly which critical systems are at risk and where to direct your remediation efforts.

Continuous diagnostics & mitigation

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Endpoint Security

Protect critical corporate assets, including servers, applications, and databases, and get a deeper awareness of potential threats.

Network Security

Detect targeted attacks, protect network-connected devices, and convert threat information into immediate action.

Risk & Compliance

Find and prioritize vulnerabilities and policy violations on your network, and uncover potential database security weaknesses.

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