Securing Telecommunications Networks

Ensure the integrity and availability of your network


Secure services to secure revenue

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Stronger security for telecommunications providers

McAfee offers a comprehensive portfolio of security solutions that keep your network and data protected, services resilient, and customers happy. Backed by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, you get 24/7 security with fast time to protection from the latest global threats and every vector, including email, web, and network. Get local and global situational awareness to thwart inadvertent and intentional threats to your business, such as threats that target sensitive information in your databases. Our security solutions also help you identify and address vulnerabilities while adhering to regulatory compliance.

Comprehensive protection across your network and endpoints

Protect databases from unauthorized activity

Guard sensitive customer payment information stored in billing databases and block unauthorized database activity.

Maintain network integrity and availability

Monitor and block threats from multiple vectors, including malware and distributed denial-of-service attacks. Analyze code in targeted attacks and evaluate your network-wide risk with a comprehensive view of prioritized vulnerabilities for better risk management and regulatory compliance.

Gain local and global situational awareness

Secure the endpoint and network. Monitor irregular behavior within your networks, from file and server modifications to anomalous user behavior, and inappropriate use or transfer of critical data.

Get faster time to response

McAfee Global Threat Intelligence enables swift, protective response at endpoints and gateways to identify and block anomalous users and malicious code.


Database Security

Get complete visibility into your database activity and security, easily manage policies, and protect unpatched databases.

Network Security

Block attacks in real time and protect every network-connected device.

Risk & Compliance

Ensure only trusted applications run on servers and endpoints.