McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite

Protect and manage public cloud servers

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Comprehensive security for public cloud workloads

McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite provides instant discovery and control across Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure cloud workloads.

Instant discovery and control

Gain stronger and more consistent protection from zero-day threats targeting dynamic cloud workloads.

Comprehensive server security

Protect against increasingly sophisticated threats with foundational antivirus, intrusion prevention, and change control to ensure regulatory compliance.

Elastic security

Minimize the performance impact on your servers and create the least impact on IT or operations processes.

Shared responsibility model in cloud

McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite is designed for businesses to own part of the shared responsibility model with comprehensive protection for AWS and Azure cloud workloads.

Visibility across multiple clouds with a single management platform

Discover and monitor multiple cloud infrastructures and threats

Gain granular information and control for cloud infrastructures, virtual data centers, cloud workloads, cloud firewalls, and complex threats. Reduce the time to identify and remediate security issues.

Manage security on premises or in the cloud

Easily manage multiple accounts and solutions across multiple platforms, enforce policies to maintain compliance, and take remediation actions across AWS and Azure.

Quickly deploy security

Use Chef, Puppet, and AWS OpsWorks deployment options to deploy security for cloud workloads.

Flexible Usage-Based Hourly Pricing

Secure your cloud workloads with no upfront costs or long-term investments on the AWS Marketplace.

System requirements

McAfee Public Cloud Server Security Suite is supported on the following platforms:

Windows 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
Linux (Red Hat, CentOS, SUSE, Ubuntu, Amazon Linux)

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